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Batman is Ready for Halloween

Costumes for kids can be super adorable on your little ones that I have to participate on the shopping for them. My wife usually does all the legwork when it comes to buying the educational toys for our kids, and Halloween is one of her favorite holidays, so she loves getting the kids costumes. And even though I get little say, she does sometimes make me feel important by asking for my opinion every now and then.

By the time I get involved with the costumes for kids though, she had already been brewing up costume and theme ideas for months prior to Halloween. Recently for example, she picked up on our son’s interest in dinosaurs. After I got him the Remote Control Dinosaur for Christmas last year and she designed a dinosaur birthday party, the result was an amazing dinosaur costume.

And we have a little girl too, so she has fun with both boys costumes and girls costumes, and with our 19 month old girl, she goes straight for the cute like with the flower costume and the ladybug costume. Some great costumes for kids are listed below broken up into girls and boys sections. And if you have any ideas for great kids costumes, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and share them!

Costumes for Girls

During the rolling darkness of a Hurricane, this Batgirl Costume gave our three year old girl the power to fight crime, save the day, and collect chocolates, stickers and candy at the only place in Gotham City that had electricity, the Mall!

Peacock Costume
This Peacock Costume was for our daughter's third Halloween holiday at thirty one months old. By now she was actively trick or treating and no longer crying at the neighbors! She looked beautiful and cute in this costume, and it is a sweet reminder of the last time she was this girly, before deciding she wanted to wear a Batman Dark Knight Rises costume for the next year!

Flower Costume
This Flower Costume was for our little girl’s first Halloween and is the cutest thing! She really didn’t know what was going on and even fell asleep in the stroller as we paraded her and her brother around the neighborhood, but she just looked so adorable!

Ladybug Costumes
This Ladybug Costume was a more recent costume that she wore for Halloween. This time though, not only was she aware of the fun around her, but she continuously talked around the word “lay bug” as we walked from house to house around the neighborhood. Sure, she may have cried every time an adult male would open the door in response to our trick or treating, but once the candy was in her lady bug basket and the door was closed, she continued her cutie monologue about lady bugs and general sweet things.

Bumblebee Costumes
We received this adorable Bumblebee Costume from my wife's cousing along with some other great hand-me-downs. Unfortunately too small for next year's Halloween, we play around with it during our late Autumn and Winter costume dress up parties!

Toddler Witch Costumes
And she gave us this cute Toddler Witch Costume that we also use during our dress-up parties! The quality is great and the purple color is very pretty, and our baby girl loves dressing up in it, as long as it's one of the first costumes she wears during the costume dress up party. If it's the last one, like in this photo shoot, she's gets super grumpy!

Costumes for Boys

Batman Costume Dark Knight Rises

Wanting to be a superhero during the dark thunder of a Hurricane and Noreaster blackout, this Batman Costume became the proper manifestation for our maturing strong five year old boy!

Transformers Bumblebee Costume
This Transformers Bumblebee Costume is the best Bumblebee costume ever! Not only is Bumblebee one of the coolest Transformers character, but this costume is based on the film's Bumblebee, which replaces the Chevy Camaro over the original Volkswagen.

Dinosaur Costume
This Dinosaur Costume took me by surprise when it arrived. Not only was it amazingly cool looking and almost a little frightening, it was made very well and even a little warm with appropriate layers underneath. Our three year old loved this! I got the chance to introduce it to him after his bath and before trick or treating, in which he requested, “Let’s play a game.” And I replied, “Yes, let’s play dinosaur dress-up.” His eyes lit up when I pulled out the dinosaur costume!

Race Car Driver Costume
This Race Car Driver costume was very cool and our then two year old boy looked handsome wearing it. With the addition of a Speed Racer driving wheel and riding around with his sister in the BOB, the boy looked pretty cool!

Frankenstein Costume
This Frankenstein Costume was both menacingly scary and really funny as our one year old boy ran around believing he was instilling fear in the hearts of his neighbors!

Baby Lion Costumes
This baby lion costume was our boy's first Halloween costume. He looked so cute and adorable in it that it's a shame we could not play dress up with it as we usually do with our costumes; babies grow up so fast. We love costumes for kids, and look forward to Halloween every year. While it only lasts for one day, we sometimes take out the costumes for kids and play dress-up throughout the year just for the fun of it. It’s silly but we have fun and we spend quality time together as a family!

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Kids Costumes

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