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Kids ATVs
Ride-on Toys are the best! When my wife was just a few months pregnant and we knew it was going to be a boy, I had envisioned purchasing ride-on toys for him even back then. We were at a toy store and I was dreaming of getting him bicycles, scooters and other riding toys, but what I fell in love with were the battery operated kids atvs and electric cars.

Specifically, I was looking at the electric Hummer and Ford Mustang!! They were both around $300 and were deliciously exciting and awe inspiring! I’d been driving around in an Altima and knew the mini van was soon to come, and was therefore excited to get my boy into one of these driving toys. On the vehicles however, was a warning that they were for kids 3 or older, so I sadly had time to wait.

Our boy’s third birthday arrived, but sadly times were not as good then. We had a total of three children by his third birthday and little money to spare. At work I looked online for electric cars and joked around with coworkers about getting the boy a kids electric Lamborghini priced at around $700. They laughed and joked that I would get up in the middle of the night to wax and buff it then pose for pictures with it! Luckily grandma had a kids bicycle for his birthday which was perfect!! I did end up getting him a Lanborghini Reventon, as a remote control car!

Times were a bit better during his first birthday, and I did fulfill the dream of getting him a riding toy, which was a Fisher Price power wheel atv which were one of the few appropriate for his age at the time. He may not have an electric car, but he still drives around in his kids atv, and even rides his younger sister around.

Some riding toys were boring from the start and very short lived, while others like the kids atv proved to be long lasting, multiple years worth. below are some categories to explore the exciting world of ride-on toys and how our kids enjoyed them.

Girls ATV
This super cute Disney Princess ATV was for our daughter's third birthday - a gift I picked up on a last minute frenzy as her Minnie Mouse birthday party approached that weekend. It was a cute and amazing hit for her!

Polaris Edge Kids Bike
The Polaris Edge LX20 Kids Bike was our boy's fifth birthday present after we decided to postpone his gift from the prior holiday season, afraid that we wouldn't have enough money for a birthday gift. Thankfully, it was big enough for him, and small enough for his little sister to also enjoy it!

Kawasaki ATV
This Kids' Kawasaki KFX ATV with Monster Traction was our boy's fourth birthday ride on gift, but it wouldn't be until the next year when mom relaxed a bit and let him go outside to the front lawn to fully enjoy the experience of this fun and adventurous atv!

Kids ATVs
Kids atvs and electric cars, which highlights probably the best riding toy we had to date.

Kids Bicycles
Kids Bicycles are and should be a staple in every kids childhood experience - especially when celebrating that magic moment when the training wheels come off and they ride on their own for the very first time!

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