Disney Princess Girls ATV

Girls ATV

I bought this Disney Princess Girls ATV for our daughter as a last minute gift as her third birthday was rapidly approaching over the weekend. Since my wife was involved in a car accident several months earlier, I have been focused on her recovery, raising the children and managing a full time job. So sadly, I let time slip as my daughter’s third birthday approached, knowing also that my wife had ordered a LeapFrog LeapPad1 Explorer months earlier.

Even with the LeapPad and a few smaller gifts, I couldn’t avoid the inescapable longing to get her an exciting gifts. So with moments left to shop, I went online and started shopping for a girls atv to see if I could get her something right away.

As always, I went into shock about the high prices for the ride on toys as well as shipping, knowing full well how high prices have become and that it was my own fault for procrastinating. Nevertheless, I looked further and in the end decided that I couldn’t reasonably expect to have it shipped by the weekend.

So on my way home from work, I stopped by Target and looked around until I found the perfect ride on toy, a Disney Princess ATV, a 6V battery powered pretty pink quad that I knew our three year old daughter would love. The only problem is that it was for ages 18 to 24 months, and at thirty six months, she might have been getting a little big. I also found a great Barbie bicycle she might like and found myself momentarily indecisive, forcing me to seek the consultation of the master: my wife.

Girls ATV

After a convincing monologue, I bought the Disney Princess girls ATV and brought it home. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble the pieces and I had enough time to charge it overnight for her birthday party on Saturday.

The next day we had a nice family gathering for the party, and my wife was both anxious and excited about the Minnie Mouse Birthday Party she designed for our daughter. It was an especially sweet moment for her since she had been in medical recovery for five months and was awaiting news about the possibility of a surgery. She wanted to be there for her daughter’s birthday with all her heart and worried the surgery would push the recovery further; forcing her to skip our daughter’s birthday. With lots of prayer and good news, she was able to be there!

As the party went on and we had our pizza, activities, birthday cupcake and candle blowout, it was gift giving time! She love all her gifts and had fun opening one after the other. She was especially joyful when learning that the LeapPad Explorer was hers (and not her older brother’s who has a Leapster she loves).

Then, the grand finale was the Disney Princess girls atv. I brought it out for her and everyone applauded as she smiled and ran to it. She got on it and rode around loving every second of it. What was funny is that when she finally got off of it, her four year old brother jumped on and rode around for a while, with a smirk on his face as if he knew he was too big to ride around on this pink, girls atv, yet he loved it!

Ride on toys are among our family’s favorites and we have at least a couple of them. This Kid Trax Disney Princess is a 6 volt quad that is very similar to the Power Wheels Batman atv I bought for our son’s first birthday, again under similar last minute circumstances. That Batman quad was used so much and lasted so long, both for our son and our daughter, that it finally gave out.

Over the next several days and weeks, they would both fight over riding the Disney Princess girls atv, so I decided to open up the Batman atv and solder the electronics on it to make it work. I managed to fix it, but the repair didn’t keep and we were back to one. But by this time, it was my son’s fifth birthday and with the same sense of wisdom and intelligence, his mother got him a bicycle, also many months before his birthday.

Our daughter still rides her girls atv both inside the house and outside during the Spring and Summer months, and she hasn’t gotten too big to lose appreciation for it. When it gets charged up, they’re both still fighting over riding rights!

Girls ATV
Girls AT

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