Holiday Decorations

Thanksgiving Day Decorations

My wife is a master of holiday decorations, and we all love her for it! With the dining room serving as her blank canvas, every birthday or holiday celebration ignites passion and inspiration in her heart as she brings her years of training and professional experience as a visual display artist into her home to share with her family and children. From the moment inspiration sets in, she’ll work in that room, often with the aid of our eldest girl, and slowly spins it into a holiday masterpiece. Once finished, the display remains until the next source of inspiration ignites, usually sparked by the oncoming of the next holiday celebration.

While a moderate amount of money goes to financing some of the kids birthday parties, the holidays tend to be a bit more conservative, as they should be, and supplies are generally stored and revived annually. There are times when she’s inspired to buy new things, but they mainly replace older holiday party decorations or inexpensively add to current ones.

Valentines Day Decorations
Valentines day decorations are among her simplest yet oldest decorative traditions. A tradition she started way back when she’d visit me in my tiny Queens, NY apartment while I’d cook and make some delicious exotic drinks. Now that we have children, the romantic holiday is toned down to a more PG level.

St Patricks Day Decoratons
St. Patricks Day is yet another of her favorite holiday decorations. Being half Irish (and hald Puerto Rican) she forgoes the drinking philosophy behind the holiday and instead focuses on the livelier and more cheerful aspects of the holiday, often with its promises of gold bearing leprechauns under the edge of a holiday rainbow.

Easter Party Decorations
Our Easter Party Decorations come up almost immediately after the St Patricks Day decorations come down! This time, we add more fun activities for the kids including stickers and coloring books, along with our outdoor Easter egg hunt!

Halloween Party Decorations
Halloween may be my wife's favorite holiday! We used to rock out at Halloween parties when we were younger and childless, wearing rock star outfits and undercover 1970's cops costumes, but now we have fun at home with the children as my wife turns our dining room and family room into a Halloween Party extravaganza!

Thanksgiving Day Decorations
Thanksgiving Day comes alive with the crispness of the outdoor Autumn air, the scents of broiling turkey and baking apple pie inside, the sounds of children running around with carefree magic, and the colors of the season adorning the dining room table and filling the ambiance with thankful majesty.

I love my wife’s holiday decorations, and so do all of the kids and even mom-in-law. They continuously rotating holiday party decorations manage to cheer us all up helps to remind us to celebrate each day of living. Since they’re always up, each day feels festive. And it is in the room where we spend a lot of good quality time at the dinner table, seated for meals, laughing with each other, and oftentimes turning on the light show machine that everyone loves so much.

I have to admit though, that on a recent day before she was installing the Thanksgiving holiday party decorations, our three year old son had spilled some juice all over the tablecloth. As we placed it in the washing machine, I had a chance to look at the bare wooden table which I haven’t seen in a long time. It looked pretty fantastic. But after a while, I was glad to see that the holiday decorations were back up and things were back to normal!

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