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Remote Control Dinosaur
Kids love dinosaur toys! It seems that at some point early on, every boy (and some girls of course) just becomes enamored with dinosaurs! So much so that it becomes almost a fixation, but an exciting one. Dinosaurs are magnificent creatures that existed during a time long before early man - their extinction and fossilized discoveries fuel inspiration in the hearts of many young children and have inspired many to pursue careers in paleontology, geology, anthropology and science. At the very least, they are both fun and educational; their names can be long and complex, yet children seem to learn them with ease and enthusiasm.

Our boy became drawn to them as early as two years old. It went from simple and fun dinosaur books and dinosaur puzzles to more interesting toys and figures. Both my wife and I ran with his new interest and have introduced him to new toys during the holidays as Christmas gifts, and my wife orchestrated a really fun dinosaur birthday party with lots of dinosaur accessories, toys and dinosaur party supplies. She even put the remote control dinosaur I got him for Christmas at the center of the table!

In every type of toy dinosaur that we got him, he would dive into the toy and play for hours. One of his most challenging toy was a Brachiosaurus broken up into the letters of the alphabet. He’s been pretty good with most of the puzzles that we’ve gotten him, but the pieces were broken up into much smaller sections designed with multiple connection points. It took our boy some time to figure them out; sometimes solving groups of the dinosaur puzzle separately and then clumping them together until he finally got it!

Below we explore some of the dinosaur toys that our son had the fun of playing, broken down into common dinosaur toy categories that we will add as enjoy future categories. And as always, if you have any contributions from your family and experiences, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let us know!

Remote Control Dinosaur
Remote Control Dinosaur - This includes a video of Spike the Red Dinosaur that I got our boy for Christmas. Spike is an amazing dinosaur toy that is practically part of our family, and is even bigger than cats and most small dogs!

Dinosaur Birthday Party=

Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies - Here we feature photographs of my wife’s dinosaur birthday party setup along with many ideas and resources including dinosaur stickers, dinosaur accessories, dinosaur party favors, dinosaur plates and cups, and safari wear for the little ones to explore their new dinosaur world!

Dinosaur Puzzles
Dinosaur puzzles - including the interesting and complex alphabet dinosaur puzzle that challenges not only our children, but our adult guests as well!

Dinosaur Costume
Dinosaur Costumes are super fun for kids to play with, whether it's Halloween or dress-up time, this page includes a look at a great looking plush Raptor costume for toddlers and even a T-Rex hat for mom or dad!

baby dinosaur
This cute Baby Dinosaur arrived at our home on Christmas eve from my brother and his girlfriend. It is incredibly cute and enjoyed by everyone from our boy, our 22 month old girl and even our 11 year old and the remaining adults!

And our boy loves his Melissa & Doug Stuffed T-Rex Dinosaur in celebration of all things dinosaur during his third birthday party!

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