The Perfect Dinosaur Costume for boys!

Plush Raptor Toddler / Child Costume Plush Raptor Toddler / Child Costume
Raptor Dinosaur Costume

This dinosaur costume was an amazing surprise when it arrived. It was crazy and cool looking with a life like design and not cutesy. It was well made and looked very warm. I remember my wife going through a bit of a panic when looking for this specific costume, trying to see if this place had it or if that place was sold out of it. Of course she found it on, but she was able to see multiple vendors who either would have it or be sold out of it.

I felt for her, it was a lot of trouble and I couldn’t understand why she was fussing so much. But  when it arrived and I had a chance to see it, I clearly understood why it was such a popular costume. Upon deeper contemplation, I understood that the costume had been a symbol of our son’s collective interest in dinosaurs over the past year.

Plush Raptor Toddler / Child Costume

Beginning with the remote control dinosaur I got him last Christmas and into his elaborately designed dinosaur birthday party created by my wife, this great costume was an encapsulation of our boy’s growing interest in these ancient and extinct animals. At an intimate level, this was my wife’s opportunity to celebrate his interests during one of her most favorite and meaningful holidays.

The Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume comes in two pieces with a one piece plush fabric jumpsuit with attached mitts and feet. The attached mitts can either be worn over the hands or the hands can be free as the mitts hang over them. The feet are definitely well designed. They are big and scary, but more importantly allow the child’s feet to be fitted with appropriate boots or shoes for outdoor walking as the costume’s feet hangs over them and straps with velcro in the back. The second piece is the dinosaur headpiece that also straps with velcro under the chin. The top of the head is heavily stuffed for stiffness so the head can get a little tight in there. The entire costume is brightly colored with impressive dinosaur designs.

The Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume is an interpretation of the Velicoraptor, a relatively small dinosaur during the Cretaceous Period measuring around 7 feet long and 2 feet high. A genus of the dromaeosaurid threpod existing over 70 million years ago around Mongolia, popular modern fiction has adopted its like and nicknamed it the Raptor.

Plush Raptor Toddler / Child Costume

As it ultimately happens every year, it was unfortunate that our boy was developing a bug and not feeling well. A bit feverish, I gave him a bath and started to dress him, unsure if I was going to take him out for Halloween. As I dressed him he requested, “Let’s play a game.” I replied, “Okay, let’s play dinosaur dress-up.” When I showed him his dinosaur costume for the first time, his eyes lit up and he was suddenly feeling better. I dressed him up with excitement as I put on the T-Rex Dinosaur Hat my wife got for his dinosaur birthday party.

As we got downstairs and ready to go, he looked so cool and ready for fun. We did go out and as we followed our eldest girl trick or treating, he just wasn’t feeling so good so we went back home. Our eldest girl was old enough and with her friends so we let her continue to have fun, and the boy, feeling a little better, kept the costume on and later helped mommy give out candies to trick or treaters.

Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume

Dinosaur Plush Raptor Costume

I was disappointed on my wife’s behalf for his illness on Halloween after she went through so much heartache getting this dinosaur costume, and I especially felt bad for the boy who went on to get treatment for bronchitis the next morning at the pediatrician’s office. But now that our boy is feeling better, we can play dinosaur dress-up very soon, possibly this weekend!

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Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume
Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume
Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume
Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume
Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume
Plush Raptor Dinosaur Costume

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Plush Raptor Toddler / Child Costume

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