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Dinosaur Birthday Party

Kids birthday parties can be some of the most fun you have with your children, as long as it doesn’t get too expensive or too stressful. There’s been a recent trend for parents to try and out-do each other with more lavish and expensive birthday parties. A report on claimed that some birthday parties being thrown in California for 4 and 5 year olds were ranging in the neighborhood of $6,000 to $10,000 for birthday parties that accommodated 150 guests and included Princesses hand delivering invitations to guests house to house, in magical horse carriages!

I like to keep that image in my head when I see my wife shopping online for our kids birthday parties - it keeps me humbled and makes me appreciate my wife’s comparative thrift. With the exception of a rented party room at a local Imagination Zone for our eldest’s 10th birthday party, most of our celebrations include small groups of family and friends in our home. The parties come alive through my wife’s decorating gifts and planning. She keeps costs down by baking most of the cakes and cupcakes and cooking the meals, as well as shopping for all the supplies at online retailers such as eBay, and, most often for kids birthday parties,

There are some items we keep that are continuously used for practically every occasion including the spectacular rotating light machine, stationary lights and rotating wall decorations. In addition, practical items like the disposable helium tank can inflate balloons for several parties while being less expensive and more convenient than your local party retailer.

1st Birthday Party=
Our daughter’s 1st Birthday Party was celebrated with this simple yet really pretty and cute Hugs & Stitches girls birthday party set, featuring cute flowers and butterflies. Not only was she amazed with all the attention, but she fell asleep in the middle of her party on the lavishly decorated birthday throne!

Ladybug Birthday Party=
This Ladybug Birthday Party was for our daughter's second birthday as she began her intimate adoration for the little creatures through media, books, stories and real life! Read how my wife puts together this spectacular ladybug birthday celebration!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party=
This Minnie Mouse Birthday Party was planned by my wife many months before her Third Birthday. During the months leading to our daughter's third birthday, she got into a car accident saving her life, and pulled through to plan, decorate and throw her a magnificent event!

Smiley Face Birthday Party=
This Smiley Face Birthday Party marks the beginning of my wife's passion with kids birthday party decorations. Though our eldest girl enjoyed the benefits of condensed resources as a single child, my wife found a great solution in cozy and intimate home birthday party celebrations!

Dinosaur Birthday Party=
This Dinosaur Birthday Party not only celebrated our son’s third birthday, but also his growing adoration of these prehistoric extinct giants. My wife set this up with great looking dinosaurs that were not cutesy but rough and mean, and finished the touch with the remote control dinosaur I got him for Christmas!

Monster Truck Birthday Party=
This Monster Truck Birthday Party was our boy's Fourth Birthday Party and was centered around the idea of getting him an awesome Power Wheels Kawasaki ATV with Monster Traction. The party was a monster hit, and he rode his birthday gift with adventure and courage, to his mother's distress!

Star Wars Birthday Party=
This Star Wars Birthday Party was our boy's Fifth Birthday Party Celebration. It was the May just after our daughter's third birthday and during my wife's car accident recovery, a time when she looked to the Star Wars films for solace, philosophy and direction during some difficult times.

New Moon Birthday Party=
Challenged by our eldest girl’s interest in romantic darkness, this New Moon Party became a major hit with our cynically inclined girl. Inspired by the Twilight saga and the then current New Moon movie, this party setup hit a special place in her spirit and imagination!

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