Child Safety Products that have been tested by caring parents

Baby Video Monitors

We’ve used dozens of child safety products over the last dozen years rearing our (currently) three children. While many products are simple and ingenious, they go a long way in helping to keep your children safe while giving parents peace of mind.

Below, we’ll list some of the best we’ve used while trying to cover as many areas of child home safety as we possibly can. In this list we’ll include the usual child safety devices like child safety gates, door handle guards, electric outlet guards and furniture safety latches as well as items that may not be considered child safety products such as baby video monitors!

Baby Video Monitors
Baby video monitors are seldom listed on baby safety websites as a home safety product, but we believe it is an essential element in your child’s safety. In a very important and specific way, it allows parents to see and hear their children in another room down the hall. For us, this device has trumped all other safety devices in terms of its consistent use. We get to see and hear when they’re fussing and being uncomfortable, alerting us that they might be sick, or if they’ve woken up and are either playing inappropriately or hurting each other.

Child Safety Gates
Child safety gates are also important devices to keep your children from falling down the stairs or entering rooms in the home that may contain elements of danger such as the kitchen or the garage. Quality can vary greatly with these and we’ve been fortunate enough to purchase 4 gates, 3 different types for various uses. Two are extra tall for keeping growing kids from climbing over, one to protect them from the staircase, and another extra long safety gate for separating a wide entrance living room from the kitchen and other areas of the home.

Window Guards
Child Window Guards can be especially important child safety devices that keeps your children safely inside their bedroom while giving parents peace of mind.

Baby Video Monitors
These door handle guards are pretty good from keeping your kids from opening doors; they’re even good at keeping some guests and other adults in the home from opening them!

I know we have not covered all the safety devices out there, but we’ll list them here as we review our home safety products and post them up. Our main concern is that while you can find practically any child safety product with a little research, we want to list not only the ones we’ve used, but the ones that truly work.

Now that you’ve kept your children safe with these child safety products, please visit our home page for some fun with kids toys!

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