Child Window Guards

Window Guards

There’s a reason why window guards are mandated in many cities throughout the United States including NYC for homes and buildings with three ore more apartments and children under 10. And that’s because falling out of windows is dangerous!!

We’ve always had to use them since our first girl who is now 13. She moved in with us when she was just six years old under urgent circumstances, and we were new at everything that involved parenthood. During a visit from her Children's Services representative, we luckily passed with flying colors, except we needed a window guard for her room.

Back then though, we used a window gate from the basement of our first suburban house from the 1950’s, and it looked like it had been there for that long. It was a good one, without question, but once installed it was like a prison with absolutely no way out for neither adult or children. In safety though, it functioned well.

Many design changes have evolved since then, and when it was time to take our 2 year old boy from his crib and into his first bed, the very low and very tall window in his room needed a child window gate right away.

Of course, my wife worked her expert research magic and came up with the Guardian Angel, a pricey yet cleverly designed window gate that was easy enough to install, is secure and safe, but very importantly it allows for an adult to open it easily while remaining extremely difficult for children to open.

A drill is necessary for installation, as with most window gates, but it adds the necessary security you need for safety and peace of mind. It is well reviewed on amazon, costs just under $60 and is currently available with free shipping.

If you’re considering window gates for your children’s protection, this model is well worth considering.

Window Guards

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