Stuffed Toys and Animals

Stuffed Toys and Stuffed Animal

Though our eldest girl had her collection of stuffed toys and animals, it wasn’t until our third child became a two and a half year old girl when the stuffed animals craze became a big part of our collective family consciousness. But when it did, it was like experiencing a sweet magic I had never known before.

Stuffed animals and toys

Now three, our youngest began growing a strong affection for stuffed toys and animals at about two years old and loved cuddling with them and developing strong and meaningful relationships with them. My wife once bought a book that came with five ladybug finger puppet glove, and reading the story from the perspective of the five ladybugs often sent her into a joyous rolling laughter.

Every Easter I would get my wife a little Easter Bunny and she had a bit of a collection before the kids were born. But somewhere in a special time and place, our youngest discovered a magical white Easter bunny and claimed it hers ever since. For the past year, she has been walking around with her pal Hoppy, a friendly bunny that can be found next to her most times of the day.

And I love that Bunny too. There were times where I would talk through bunny and she would smile and talk back, all while looking at me and knowing the truth yet giving in to the joyous fantasy. And I remember her for a short while never wanting to sleep on her own bed, until Bunny had a heart to heart with her and share with her his desire for sleeping on her own bed. She’s been sleeping there ever since!

Stuffed Dinosau

This GIANT Melissa & Doug Stuffed T-Rex Dinosaur was purchased in celebration of our son's passion for everything dinosaur during his third birthday party!

Our kids love their Pillow Pets! These great stuffed animals provide a comfortable sleeping companion and make great additions to your stuffed toys collection.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Our girl love her LeapFrog My Pal Violet for her first birthday! It sings her name and is customizable to include names, favorite colors, foods and animals!

Singing Barney Dol

This Singing Barney Doll came into our home as a gift to our daughter from her Godmother; an event which brought back memories spanning decades!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy

Our boy loved his Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy for his first Holiday Season. Four years later, this cute puppy is still an active part of our stuffed animals and toys collection.

Stuffed animals and toys have a long history, and the first ones can be traced back to a German company in the 1880’s called the Steiff Company, developing stuffed toys using new upholstery making technology. By the early 1900s’ the U.S. began developing its own brand of stuffed animals and toys, and the first Teddy Bear was created by Morris Michtom after seeing a drawing of Theodore Roosevelt with a bear cub.

Stuffed Animals and Stuffed Toys

Since then the world has come to enjoy, find comfort in, play with and collect many types of stuffed toys and animals including the classic Teddy Bears, Beanie Babies, My Pillow Pets, Sesame Street characters, classic and even the recent return of the Furby all created to develop warm and loving relationships with their human companions!

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