Melissa & Doug T-Rex Plush Stuffed Dinosaur

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Plush Stuffed Dinosaur

The Melissa & Doug T-Rex Plush Stuffed Dinosaur was a great hit and addition as we prepared for our son’s third birthday party. At the time, he loved everything dinosaur and his surroundings were decorated to help him further explore his inner desire to connect with these prehistoric beings.

The idea for his third birthday dinosaur party began earlier the prior year when I bought him a giant remote control dinosaur, and my wife planned and orchestrated the grand event. She even placed the remote control dinosaur as the center piece party table, but wanted to add an additional large stuffed dinosaur to complement the event without spending too much money.

The Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dinosaur Plush dinosaur was the perfect answer, it was appropriately targeted for children aged two and up and was in the neighborhood of thirty dollars with free shipping.

When it came in, both my wife and I were impressed with the vibrant colors, the giant size and the terrific quality of the fabric and construction. It is thirty six inches long and has brilliant blue, green red and white colors.

What’s even better is that the inner framework allows for changing positions and makes it even possible for the plush t-rex dinosaur to stand by itself. At the same time, it is quite soft and plush.

And our kids loved it! At the time it was bigger than our one year old daughter and just about as big as our three year old son. He’s grown quite a bit taller now that he’s five, but our daughter, now three, can look at him at eye level!

Melissa & Doug T-Rex Plush Stuffed Dinosaur

Our son’s interests are in a continuous state of fluctuation, but dinosaurs continue to be part of his passion and personality over two and a half years later. And during that time our daughter has grown into similar interests as well. And the Melissa & Doug T-Rex Plush Dinosaur continued to last in fantastic condition for her to enjoy as if it were new!

It’s was never likely to compete with our son’s remote control dinosaur, but at a fraction of the cost, it was huge, highly durable, fun and has been a part of and continues to be a part of our children’s life for more than two and a half years now. We love the Melissa & Doug T-Rex Plush Stuffed Dinosaur!

Dinosaur Costume and Stuffed Dinosaur

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