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As nursery furniture becomes children’s furniture and later teen furniture, glimpses of how quick life goes by and how fast kids grow up are imminent in a loving parent’s mind. From shopping and installing that first baby crib to the graduation into a toddler bed, and later to the all out Hannah Montana bedroom and pre-teen bedding set, each bit of change signifies the passage of life through a young individual’s journey through youth and into the vast human maturity.

Currently in our home, we’re fortunate enough to be witnessing the multiplicity of stages in our children’s lives. Every evening as we wish our children a good night, we see our pre-teen’s bedroom decorated with music instruments, telescopes, Vampire movie icon’s and a rapidly fading yet ever present interest in Hannah Montana.

Down the hall in the larger bedroom we lay down our baby girl who suddenly became a little toddler still sleeping in her brother’s hand me down Delta crib. Next to our daughter’s crib is our preschooler boy’s Cars bed with his night-time toys and me laying next to him to read a story and listen to his reflections of the day.

It starts with a parents’ expectation of a baby, and the nursery furniture is researched, purchased and installed in tender anticipation of a new young life. As children grow, kids beds, beddings and toddler sets represent some of the many indications that their child is rapidly growing. When the pre-teen furniture comes into their rooms, their bodies are in the process of growing while their minds seek independent thought and identity as they adorn their bedrooms with personal interests.

Baby Cribs
When we shopped for the Delta 5 in 1 baby crib, it was my wife who did all the research and my mom-in-law who generously bought us the crib. We had recently turned what used to be my wife’s wild and unruly closet for a bedroom into a nicely finished white bedroom with re-polished hardwood floors. The Delta, in white, looked beautiful in our little boy’s bedroom and in our tiny suburban home. Now in our country home, our daughter inherited the crib which has so far lasted over 3 and a half years.

Kid Beds
This Disney’s Pixar Cars Bed made by Delta became a quick choice for our son as his very soon to come sister would be taking his crib. We waited until the last minute with this purchase, but his interest in cars and trucks along with Delta’s good reputation made this purchase simple, and he enjoys it to this day almost two years later.

Kids and nursery furniture are available in all styles and colors to fit every parent’s taste and budget, but what’s most significant can oftentimes be the most subtle, the imminent passage of time and the unfolding of our children’s lives.

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