How to Wrap a Gift the EASY way

How to Wrap a Gift

In this page we’ll learn how to wrap a gift the very easy, non-complicated and non-fancy way. This is for everyone, but primarily dads who don’t like the complicated business and fanciness of present wrapping. And keep in mind that this is for your kids whom will in most probability tear through the gift wrap with anxiousness and fury, don’t wrap your wife’s of mom’s-in-law gift in this way.
If you really want to be a hero and not suffer through the painful act of opening difficult toy packaging, read this article for tips and techniques on preparing your child’s toy BEFORE wrapping it. It will save you frustration on your part and the hounding anticipation of your child as you struggle to unwind various twisty ties, plastic securings and endless amounts of tape.

After you’ve done that, let’s get started on how to wrap a present for your kids:

  • #1 Remain calm and relaxed. You can do this fairly quickly if you have all you need, but the faster you rush through it, the slower you’ll be and the uglier the job. You don’t have to do everything perfect, but take your time, you’ll get through this quickly.
  • #2 Prepare your Tools and Materials Just have everything ready. You’ll need:
    • Scissors Your Primary Tool
    • Tape You’ll need to tape up your wrapping paper, and it’s nice to have a tape dispenser, but optional.
    • Gift Wrap The most obvious, but let’s throw it in here. I’ve heard of people getting creative and using paper bags from the supermarket or even NYC subway maps, but stick to the regular stuff. Save the creative statement for your next art exhibition.
  • #3 Roll out the Wrapping Paper Roll it out facing down and make sure you have enough to cover the entire gift. You can check this by simply folding the uncut paper over the box making sure that the other side of the paper overlaps the roll. Double check that the top and bottoms of the box will have enough paper to be covered when folded.
  • #5 Fold the Wrapping Paper snuggly over the sides and back, and with the overlapping paper, simply do a smooth fold along its edge and use one small piece of tape to secure the paper.
  • #6 Close the bottom of the gift by folding the two sides inward and creasing the top and bottom edges. Next, fold the bottom triangular paper upwards, and cover it with the top flap after giving it a slight fold. Use one small piece of tape to secure it.
  • #7 Repeat #6 on the top of the gift

And you’re done learning how to wrap a gift! This should take you less than fifteen minutes for the first time and about 5 minutes once you get the hang of it. It works great when you have multiple children and multiple toys for each, and you don’t get offended when they make fun of you or when they tear through it without regard to your careful efforts.

So enjoy your gift giving occasion and have fun and thank you for reading my article on how to wrap a gift!

After learning how to wrap a gift, visit the home page for more fun with kids toys!

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how to wrap a gift
How to wrap a gift
how to wrap a gift
how to wrap a gift
how to wrap a gift
how to wrap a gift

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