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Welcome to kids toys parents love, a new website created by ordinary parents with three intense children of diverse interests and joys.

My wife is the mastermind behind most of our kids' toys shopping, especially when it comes to the educational toys and developmental toys. I on the other hand, am the typical dad that goes out and buys toys that are fun, exciting, a bit silly and sometimes toys that I’d like to play with while using the kids as an excuse to buy them!

And while I think the kids toys I buy are going to be more popular than the ones my wife gets, her toys are usually neglected at first in favor of my more fun looking selections. However, it’s her choices, research and true dedication that win the kids interests over the long run, and they truly benefit from the value of her selections. So much that I often marvel at some of the accomplishments they help our children achieve.

She does well selecting educational videos which teaches our kids sign language, sight words and reading, and even chooses toys which help them write (at very young ages). Nevertheless, fun toys have their benefits as well, and I include lots of music instruments, cars, dinosaurs, ATVs and other exciting toys that bring our family closer through play and offer moments of genuine bliss so powerful that they often melt away the hardships of living. Those are kids toys that parents love!

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We became parents rather suddenly when we adopted my biological sister when she was six years old - now a teenager! We learned so much about parenting through her. Later, we had our first child, a boy!! Boys are different and special in so many ways, and as a dad living with four women, I was glad to have some male company in the home. Finally, we had a cute and fiery girl that we delivered ourselves under urgent circumstances in a hotel room in New Jersey; it was one of the most significant moments in our marriage and our lives. She has helped us understand what it is to bring up a little lady under the age of six.

And so we bring this website to you and share our experiences with the kids toys that we love (and we’ll share the ones that we dislike) so that you may learn a little about some of the toys, videos and activities available out there for your family and how your children may benefit from them. We also create this in the hopes that we may inspire you to consider and purchase some of the positively reviewed items on this site through our partners and affiliates in an attempt to earn a bit of extra income. With this statement, we offer you the knowledge of our intentions without any further intrusions, and also to satisfy recently implemented FTC commercial website rules!! Please know that our reviews and experiences will always be honest and accurately represented.

Our kids grow up so fast, and as I write about our twelve year old, our three year old and our one year old, they will have grown up just a little bit more by the time this is published. edit-now a teenager, a five year old and a three year old. See how time flies? In the end, we hope that capturing the value of kids toys through this site we can also capture the fleeting moments and magic of some of our most precious human interactions; parenting our children.

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