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Everyone has Christmas lists they’re advertising or showcasing on television and magazines, and so do we! The difference here is that these lists, sorted by year, represent the actual gifts that we’ve gotten for our children.

I used to enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts for my family when I was younger, especially the kids such as my nieces and even my sister whom is 24 years younger than me! While I had fun in the mid to late 1990’s and even early 2000’s shopping at stores like Target and Toys R Us, I thought I hit gold when I found amazon.com and eBay! Amazon, being much better for new items with many free shipping specials. became my absolute regular sometime around 2003. Still, eBay did have some great deals on harder to find used gifts at much better prices.

But when I became a parent, amazon became the go to Christmas shopping website for both my wife and me. And forget Black Friday! Those deals never seemed that attractive to me, and the mess at the parking lots along with vicious and unruly crowds never attracted us.

My wife has taken over shopping for most of our Christmas gift lists, but I still contribute when I want to get our kids more fun and less educational stuff. Since our eldest girl now writes her list, my wife doesn’t have to do the research for her items and I get to go through the list and weed out the toys that are either too expensive or just inappropriate for her age.

Our 2012 Christmas toys list is our first list is a collection of wish lists from our three kids, ranging from a Karaoke machine to a rock star drum set!

Dog Under Christmas Tree

Our 2010 Christmas toys list is our first list. It includes the really interesting hot item Playskool Alphie robot for our boy along with a LeapFrog laptop. The list is divided into sections for our three kids.

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