2012 Christmas Toys
Wish Lists From Our Children

These 2012 Christmas Toys Wish Lists come directly from our children ages three, five and thirteen. We’ve been contemplating what to get our kids for a few months now and really want to reward their good scholastic accomplishments, so they’ve helped us by putting together these 2012 Christmas Toys wish lists for us.

And as we approach black Friday after our Thanksgiving Holiday this week, I am reminded at how far I am behind with my Christmas shopping, and am challenged with how I’m going to pay for it all! But I know that we always find a way to make our holidays magical even during the darkest of times.

Our Three Year Old Girl’s 2012 Christmas Toys Wish List

- The New Furby

Well it finally happened! We got our daughter a Furby. I remember these little guys during the 1990's, and they came back with new features and Furbish language, app connections and behaviors that grow according to your influence!

I had some trouble agreeing to the new higher prices, but some colors are still comparably more affordable. Luckily, our daughter's favorite colors are black and pink, and the Black and Pink Furby is still in the right price range to get me to agree with the purchase.

My wife was as excited as if the new Furby was a Christmas gift for her! And I'm likewise excited to see how our three year old daughter raises her new Furby and doing our own review of this fun little guy!

- A Wooden Doll House

While our three year old daughter is perfectly content exploring her world and being a cute and sometimes grumpy three year old, my wife did begin formulating a 2012 Christmas Toys wish on her behalf.

One thing she wanted to do was build her a doll house, but after her mother warned her that our cute yet monstrous three year old would stomp down her creation, she decided to go shopping for a doll house instead.

She favored the wooden doll houses in favor of the plastic doll houses, but hasn’t yet come up with a good choice that won’t break the bank, so right now I’m looking at the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Folding Princess Castle which comes almost fully assembled and ready to play!

It is a beautiful solid wood constructed castle with hand painted accents, a working drawbridge, removable turrets, balconies and flying buttress.

Also worth considering is the Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Princess Castle which comes with a Prince and a Princess, each with their own horses! The castle is furnished with six pieces of furniture, is nicely painted and comes at a great price, so that a second gift might be worth considering.

However after my wife read this page she immediately emailed me her choices which include the KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage Dollhouse which comes with nineteen pieces of furniture, two stair cases and three levels of open space.

She's also considering accessorising the doll house with Plan Toy Doll House Doll Family for added fun!

Our Thirteen Year Old Girl’s 2012 Christmas Toys Wish List

- A Karaoke Machine!

First up was our thirteen year old girl with her wish list. I set up a quick wish list on amazon for her and taught her how to add items to the wish list, using a Chrysler Town & Country muffler, which I need, as an example. She of course made fun of me internally since she already knew what she was doing.

First on her list was the Electrohome EAKAR300 Karaoke CD+G Player Speaker System with MP3 and 2 Microphone Inputs. Since she loves to sing and has fun interacting with the kids at home using our cable service’s on-demand Karaoke collection, she added this karaoke machine to have more input on the music choices as well as have a super awesome new microphone!

The Electrohome is a great looking Karaoke system with a blue party light, high performance speakers and an Auto Voice Control Singing Coach to teach lyrics and provide back up vocals. Just connect it to your screen, add a CD or MP3, and your singing will be “enhanced” by the controllable Digital Echo Control system.

- A Deluxe Beginners Artist Supply Set!

Next she wanted to explore her inner artist with a set that was within budget enough to get her started in her exploration. The Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set offers her a nice starter collection with 24 Colored Pencils, 24 Oil Pastels, 24 Watercolor Cakes, 2 Paint Brushes, Pencil Sharpener, 2 Drawing Pencils, Kneaded Eraser and Sanding Block. This nice set comes together in a portable wooden case with a handle.

-A Kindle Fire!

As an avid reader, she asked for the Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB from amazon. This one offers HD display with anti glare and rich colors from any angle. It has Dolby audio and dual driver stereo speakers. Claims to be the world's first dual band, dual antenna Wi-Fi for faster downloads and streaming. Is capable of handling apps like facebook, skype and twitter, and best of all for parents, allows for customized content limits and parameters to keep kids away from inappropriate content.

-Another Nindendo DS!

And lastly she’s asking for a Nintendo DS Lite - Metallic Rose to replace the one she has with a broken screen. I dislike having to replace perfectly good electronics, but kids tend to just break things! I might not even consider it except that I’ve gotten her so many games over the years, and they’re not exactly cheaper anywhere else - these things hold their value well.

I thank her for adding her 2012 Christmas Toys Wish List on my amazon account, and even if she doesn’t get everything on her list, someone is going to end up with a muffler!

Our Five Year Old Boy’s 2012 Christmas Toys Wish List

- An Electric Train Set!

Our five year old son had some very specific ideas about what he wanted for Christmas. On a company business gathering at my boss’ house during the summer, our son connected with the boss as they shared a moment with his children’s train set in the play room. The set was a 120 - Pc. Life - Like Freight Express HO - scale Train Set.

The set comes with a giant 47 x 38” oval track that lifts on an elevated bridge. The electric set is powered by an F7 diesel with working headlights in classic Santa Fe Blue and Yellow that pulls four stock cars. The set is powered by a UL-listed 120V, 60-hx power pack and is for children eight and up, though I think our five year old is capable.

I recently asked my boss for recommendations for a train set on a Friday, and on Monday he brought in the very set they played with over the summer! I thanked my boss as he happily passed on his train set to my son, and urged me to replace the engine with a suitable diesel - I think this 63001 F7 Loco PRR HO EXCLUSIVE! will work great!

And my wife, always with good ideas, though it might be worthwhile considering getting a wooden train set with which he can play with, as opposed to just watching the electric train. The idea was the original proposition from our son, but his requests evolved over the past few weeks.

When he still had the idea for the wooden train set, my wife had found the Melissa Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set - which I still love!

- A Kids' Drum Set!

And now that the boss fulfilled our son’s wish to have an electric train set, it frees some money up to get something else on his 2012 Christmas Toys list, a kids drum set! There are some serious considerations about getting our son a set of drums, but I love how he plays the guitar and he’s been serious about music for a while, so it’s definitely on our list of possibilities.

If we do get him one, I’m looking at the Pulse 3-Piece Deluxe Junior Drum Set Metallic Blue with a bass drum, tom with mount and holder, snare drum with stand, ride cymbal with bass-drum mounted ride cymbal stand. It comes with a pair of drumsticks, a drum throne, a DP-50 kick pedal, a drum key and a pair of hi-hat cymbals with stand. With a great sale price and high customer stars, this “not a toy” drum set is at the top of my drum set consideration!

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