OUR 2010 Christmas Toys List

2010 Christmas Toys

Our 2010 Christmas Toys list includes some hot items like the Playskool Alphie Robot along with some other top 2010 Christmas toys we decided to purchase our children. We currently have three children, an 11 year old girl, a 3 ½ year old boy and a 21 month old girl, so trying to get Christmas toys that will satisfy everyone while staying in a budget can be difficult. But amazon always makes it easy to shop from home while offering good deals along with many great super saver free shipping deals.

I love the holidays, especially a beautiful snowy white Christmas like the one we had last year. The problem is that as I get older the more quickly time passes me by, and before you know it it’s mid December and I’ve yet to make a single purchase towards my 2010 Christmas toys lists.

So this year my wife was way ahead of the curve and finished purchasing our kids 2010 Christmas toys list way before Thanksgiving! All of the little kids shopping was already done, and I had to get moving on our eldest girl’s Christmas list. But once everything is in and wrapped under the Christmas tree, I can forget about the hustle of the shopping season, enjoy some hot cocoa with the family, and look forward to seeing the children’s faces early morning on Christmas day.

To review our 2010 Christmas toys list, we’re going to try to break it down by our children’s ages from youngest to oldest. This works well for our 11 year old, but the two little ones are constantly fighting over and using each other’s toys, so the gifts are given more symbolically, with the expectation that both of them will share the gifts, even if they do so with sour intentions.

Christmas Gifts for our 21 Month Old Toddler Girl:

LeapFrog Laptop
The LeapFrog my own Leaptop is a great little laptop for kids ages 2 to 4 that is foldable, comes with a carry handle, connects to a grownup computer for online personalization, and offers the little ones the opportunity to fulfill their curiosity as they constantly try to play with their parent’s computer.

Alphabet Blocks
This Jumbo Alphabet and Number Blocks set is a perfect addition to her and her brother’s wooden toys collection as well as their alphabet learning toys collection. They’re brightly colored, big and easy to stack and represent all the letters of the alphabet along with numbers 0 through 9, a 50 piece set in total.

Rescue Vehicles
This Emergency Rescue Vehicles set is where the lines will be blurred a bit regarding who plays with these cool rescue vehicles. They’re recommended for 18 months and up, but big brother is definitely going to get curious about these. My wife bought them for her to encourage her already high curiosity with cars.

Christmas Gifts for our 3 ½ Year Old Preschool Boy:

Playskool Alphie
The Playskool Alphie Robot is a reintroduction of the 1978 original, but with much better functionality and facial graphics. It comes with a set of double sided learning cards and additional Booster Packs can be purchased. In addition to being fun, it teaches children letters, math skills, special reasoning and cause and effect.

Batman Laptop
The Oregon Scientific Batman Laptop is a super cool looking laptop for kids ages 5 to 8. Not only does it look like a real laptop, but it also has 26 English and 26 Spanish highly educational activities including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Christmas Gifts for our 11 Year Old Sixth Grader:

Silly Bandz
More Silly Bandz!!! What is up with these things that they are actually on her 2010 Christmas list? She did a full report and I did a little searching myself, and I still don’t get the fascination. But it’s not for me to get, it’s for her to enjoy. And being that they’re very inexpensive and relatively harmless, why not fulfill her wishes with this one.

LeapFrog Laptop
An unlocked cell phone, while not being really inexpensive, was well priced enough on eBay in which I did not have to pay the crazy retail price before the end of our contract. Our texting maniac managed to burn through her Razr less than one year into her two year contract, and unlocked cell phones are good solutions for the contract/burnt phone problem!

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez's A Year Without Rain, ended up on her list as one of two musical selections. I always get a little nervous when she requests music and have even turned down some past requests because of inappropriate material, but Selena Gomez appears to be a nice, smart and successful young woman with philanthropist inclinations and passable teen-pop music.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's Speak Now, was her second selection. Though I didn't know her music that well, I first learned of her during Kanye West's infamous speech interruption during the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards! We felt bad for Swift, but are glad for her incredible success!

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