Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy, Love to Play Puppy

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy

We bought the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy, Love to Play Puppy for our son’s first Christmas and it is still a loved member of our collection almost four years later. It helps that his younger sister has taken an interest in it and has a similar My Pal Violet of her own.

Love to Play Puppy is part of the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn line aimed at making learning fun and easy for babies and toddlers. Laugh and Learn Puppy is made for children six to thirty six months, and our boy began playing with it when he was eight months old.

Fisher Price Love to Play Puppy is a cute puppy friend that has two modes of play sounds including the musical mode and the learning mode. When using the learning mode, six easy to press zones teach colors in phrases and songs, body parts, and the full alphabet.

There are ten songs with the Alphabet Song, Color Song, Counting Song, Head Shoulder Knees and Toes, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, Pat-a-Cake, This Little Piggy, This Old Man Bingo and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Just take the plastic tab off the back to take it off demo mode so Laugh and Learn Puppy can sing the songs in completion.

Three triple A batteries are included so the fun starts right out of the box! His dog bone collar lights up to the music and he is very interactive. His sing along style and our children’s ability to touch the six areas for interactive play keep their engagement for a significant period of time.

I remember our son’s first Christmas in our very cute and tiny suburban house in New Jersey. Our eldest girl was nine and our boy was just eight months. We had a cute little fireplace that we enjoyed during the holidays and kept our spirits full of warmth and magic.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy

Since then we’ve sold our little suburban memory and traded it for a house in the country to fit our expanding family. And now we look back and enjoy those memories as we celebrate our life with our thirteen year old, our five year old boy and our three year old girl. And Love to Play Puppy has been there through many of those wonderful and magical years, like the good puppy he is!

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