Kids ATVs

Kids ATVs
I’d been eyeing kids atvs and electric cars ever since since my wife was just a few months pregnant and we knew we were going to have a boy.
I could not wait to get my boy into one of those kids atvs or electric cars. I had been driving around in an old ‘98 Altima for years and knew that the minivan was soon to come, so I wanted to live the wild life through my son with exciting models like the Hummer and the Ford Mustang.

Sadly, those models were for kids ages 3 and up, so I had a few years to wait. When my son turned three however, we were deep into the financial hardships of our era, and I just couldn’t afford them. At work I was looking online fantasizing about getting our boy an electric car for his birthday and found several Ferraris and Lamborghinis!!

My coworkers joked that I would be the one to fall in love with them, get up in the middle of the night to clean and wax it and even take pictures of myself smiling with joy next to it. Fortunately grandma came through with a bike for him that year.

Times were much better during his first birthday, and that’s when I had the chance to get him a kids atv appropriate for ages 1 and up. The price was about $80 back then for a Power Wheels DC Super Friends Batman Lil' QuadElectric Ride On Toys) and it is still about the same now on amazon with free shipping. You can get the unlicensed Lil’ Quad for a bit less without Batman, and even cheaper if you get the pink one for girls.

I’ll admit that he didn’t focus too much on it during his first birthday and we had to remove the logo right on the front, but over the next several weeks and months he just could not get enough of it He would drive it up and down the living room, and when he finally got better at steering he drove it around the first floor over and over and over.......

Setup was pretty simple but required several hours of initial charging. The stickers, well, you’ll never get them perfect as they tend to bubble, but we did our best and it looks fine from a far. A single push button makes going real simple and is the only button available, after that it’s steer and go. The included rechargeable battery lasts quite a long while, several days, but needs a few hours when it’s time to recharge. You’ll know it needs recharging when your little one is driving so slow that he or she starts doing the pushing while sitting move.

He’s now over three years old and is riding on it much more than ever! It has so far lasted well over two years, and his little sister has shown interest in riding the kids atv. There were so many cute moments when he drives her around while she sits on the back; it kind of gives you a clue about where they’re going to be in the future. At times, she’ll even get on it herself and drive around a bit, but as soon as she does the boy gets interested and runs to play with it.

In all, this was one of the few kids atvs that worked for 1 year olds, but has held up well into his 3s, and even our little girl whose 1.5 is using it and will probably continue to do so. When things get better, I will definitely be looking into getting them either an electric car each, or one for the both.

I haven’t decided what to get if it is going to be one electric car for each, particularly because well reviewed electric cars start at $300 (cheaper cars just get bad reviews - same priced kids atvs do much better), but have decided that an electric kids Hummer at $400 would be the most likely choice if I get one for both. I still love the Mustang at about $300, but it makes sense if only one child is going to use it.

For now, they’ll have to share the kids atv and the boy will start learning to ride his bike, maybe in a couple of months as he still is a bit small for it.

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