Kids' Kawasaki ATV KFX
with Monster Traction

Kids Kawasaki ATV KF

Power Wheels Kawasaki ATV KFX with Monster Traction

My wife locked onto this Kids’ Kawasaki ATV KFX with Monster Traction several months before our son’s fourth birthday party. It was to be his central gift and complemented the Monster Truck birthday party theme she had been planning for him. In addition, she knew her job was ending soon and put the last of her funds toward this purchase, and away from my painfully frugal eyes!

I wasn’t surprised of the cost since I had also been considering a similar electric car for him in the same price range. I looked into a Ride On Ferrari Enzo and Ride ON Lamborghini Gallardo before settling on a Power Wheels Ford Mustang. This was mainly because the Ferrari and Lamborghini were far too expensive, though they’ve considerably come down in price. I also wanted his younger sister to enjoy the ride with him as a passenger and occasional driver.

But my wife had her heart set on the Kawasaki ATV, and I couldn’t argue at how cool it looked and I knew our boy would love it.

But my wife had her heart set on the Kawasaki ATV, and I couldn’t argue at how cool it looked and I knew our boy would love it.

Kids Kawasaki ATV KFX Monster Traction

But my wife had her heart set on the Kawasaki KFX ATV, and I couldn’t argue at how cool it looked and I knew our boy would love it.

When the package came, I let the giant package sit in the garage for a while as there was plenty of time. The weekend before his birthday, it was time to assemble it. I thought assembly was going to be incredibly difficult, but it came mostly pre-assembled. The main considerations were assembling the wheels and the handle bar. The main point to remember is that the battery needs to be charged overnight!! Please don’t forget this or you will have a disappointing gift opening event.

The Kids’ Power Wheels Kawasaki ATV KFX with Monster Traction is recommended for children between three and five years old. It is powered by a 12 Volt rechargeable battery and comes with a charging cord. One of the best features is the twist grip throttle, allowing your child to turbo boost the speed from 2.5 miles per hour to 5 mph. The release pedal brake system offers a high speed lockout, which can sometimes offer the opportunity for cool drifting tricks on harder pavement. And the monster traction does work well on our very rocky mountainous terrain, though it slips a little on hard pavement during fast starts.

After it was completely assembled, I was personally in love with it, and must admit, that I had to try it. It was only for a little bit in the garage.... but it was fun. It was also HUGE! At 40.8 inches long, 25.1 inches high, 19.6 inches wide and 56.8 pounds, it is truly a monstrous kids’ ATV.

I was surprised that my wife volunteered to get this Kawasaki ATV for our boy since she has a strong and protective fear over his safety. She confessed that she thought it was going to be an indoor toy, but it was giant.

Finally, the day of our boy’s fourth birthday arrived and the family enjoyed his Monster Truck birthday party inside the house. The big moment came when the gift would be unveiled. I parked the Kawasaki ATV inside the garage facing out, and we all went outside the house and opened the garage door to reveal this amazing gift - he was powerfully ecstatic!

We all watched him take a few minutes to learn it, then in no time he was exploring drifting tricks utilizing the brake lock system, and he found out quickly how much more fun it is to boost the turbo to go faster. I could see that my wife was getting a bit nervous, so we took it inside the house.

The expectations for the Kawasaki to work inside the house came horrifically short. In just one quick drive around, he managed to break the leg off the hallway table - the size and speed, not to mention the sound, was too overwhelming for indoors.

So we put it in the garage and took it out a few times. Unfortunately, my wife’s nerves and the passing of time faded the Kawasaki ATV into the quiet background of the garage, and Summer, Fall and Winter came as it stood in the garage and life went on with a tragic car accident that my wife endured. The accident took us through multiple seasons with my wife at the hospital and in a hospital bed at home. When Spring arrived this year and our boy’s fifth birthday came again, my wife showed great recovery and we reintroduced the Kawasaki ATV.

A year older and with a three year old sister behind him, they both explored the magic of the Kawasaki with a vigorous reawakening. It was as if they both had a new gift to play with. They call it correctly by it’s Kawasaki name and are specific about asking permission to ride it. Since Spring, he has spent many Summer afternoons riding around our front lawn over and over and over until the battery runs out several hours later. I keep it charged and ready since he’s always asking to ride it. At this age, he respects the boundary of the street which puts me at ease, and his mother can stay inside with the comfort and trust that I’m watching him. Now as we enter the Fall season, he continues to be excited to ride it, and it looks large enough for him to last at least through another Spring and Summer when he’s six. Or at least, his sister will take it for herself!

The Power Wheels kids Kawasaki ATV KFX was an awesome purchase that has lasted many harsh hours of riding over the past several seasons, and looks tough enough until our daughter is his age.

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