Polaris Edge LX120 Kids Bike

Polaris Edge LX120 Kids Bik

We had been shopping for a kids bike for our boy for several months before the holidays arrived. Though my wife was the director of the effort, our mutual goal was to get an exceptional quality kids bicycle with free shipping for under $100! We accomplished that goal with the
Polaris Edge LX120 12 inch Kids Bike.

It took us several weeks of research, but we were ultimately pleased to find such a great kids bicycle of such high quality and value. The goal was to get this as a Christmas gift for our son, but financial hardships had us reconsider our position and because we had a few other toys ready for him, we decided to hold of giving him the bike until his birthday next May.

The Polaris Edge LX120 12 inch kids bike is built on a heavy duty T frame that comes equipped with a rubber coaster brake, ball bearings, spike wheels with air tires, a comfortable seat and a fender. For additional safety, it has a chain guard that makes me and mom feel extra safe. The training wheels are incredibly sturdy, but can benefit from occasional tightening. The one downside was that the instructions were for Polaris bikes in general and didn’t offer specific instructions for the model shipped, so caution, patience and a bit of cerebral manipulation are necessary for assembly.

Though no age or weight recommendation is listed, 12 inch kids bikes are well suited for children ages 3 to 5, with the next size up being 14 inches suitable for children ages four to six. And though we did push it giving it to our son during his fifth birthday, there is ample adjustment on the seat and handlebars to accommodate for his size. And, his three year old sister is able to enjoy it as well.

When the time came for our son’s fifth birthday, my wife had masterfully decorated his party with a Star Wars theme. As always, she did an amazing job and it looked out of this world! After a small family gathering, birthday cupcakes, dinner and pizza, it was time to roll out the Polaris Edge LX120 kids bike!

Polaris Edge Kids Bike

What was really funny is that we had been trying to hide it in the hallway closet, but when it was time to announce his big gift, he ran over to the closet, opened the door and smiled in anticipation, knowing all along it was hidden there.

Once opened, he couldn’t wait to take it outside and give it a ride. We went to the driveway he had the opportunity to take it for a spin. With safety helmet and elbow and knee pads on, he quickly acclimated to the ride and began driving it around, progressively improving his driving skills and ultimately showing me some cool, yet somewhat risky tricks.

Over the next several weeks and months, both our son and our three year old daughter enjoyed the Polaris Edge bike inside the house for hours as they chased each other, as well as on the driveway as well as the park.

It’s a good thing he’s enjoying it so much now because, he will outgrow it by next year. It would have been nice to get him to the point where the training wheels could come off - possibly this fall, but probably his next bike.

Luckily, his little sister is getting a lot of use out of it and is should continue to provide several years of continued use!

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Polaris Edge Kids Bike
Polaris Edge Kids Bike
Polaris Edge Kids Bike
Polaris Edge Kids Bike

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