Emergency Rescue Vehicles Set

The Emergency Rescue Vehicles set is a set of vehicles which include a toy fire engine, a toy ambulance and a toy police cars along with accompanying drivers and accessories. The set is made by Winfun of Zhejiang Province in China and sold through the One Step Ahead catalog.

Rescue Vehicles

Included in this set are the three vehicles and their accompanying accessories. The toy police car includes a stereotypical mustached policeman, a police dog, My wife bought this rescue vehicles set, a barricade, a traffic light and a play badge. The toy fire engine comes with a fireman, a Dalmatian dog, a fire extinguisher, a hydrant and a play badge. The toy ambulance comes with two paramedics, a stretcher, a first aid kit and a medical chart.

Each vehicle comes with the required 2 AA batteries which power the lights and sirens as well as sounds and related words. Each vehicle opens in the rear for storing the accessories and has a drivers seat for each of the drivers and dogs. The rescue vehicles set is recommended for ages 18 and up.

My wife got this as a Christmas gift for our 21 month old daughter to encourage her growing interest in vehicles. In fact, I remember her first word when we were outside and she pointed to a vehicle on the road, and with her soft feminine voice said, “car.” That was so cute!! That we many, many months ago and she still has a strong liking for cars, often taking her brother’s trucks and racecars and gliding them across the floor while making “beep beep” sounds!

She hasn’t received them yet as the holiday is still a month away, but as I prepare to wrap them and write this review, I noticed that the set is okay in quality, but the real issue I have is in the price. My wife had not alerted me as to its cost, but looking through the amazon cart, I noticed that it was sold through One Step Beyond. Even through amazon, One Step Beyond has a terrible habit of overcharging their products. The rescue vehicles set was just under $40 with an additional shipping cost of a bit under $10.

Upon further investigation, I noticed that comparable vehicle toys are in similar price ranges and many with similarly high shipping costs. This took me by surprise, but it did not alleviate my concerns over the high monetary value of these toys.

Still, I’m certain that she’s going to love them, and that her 3 ½ year old brother will borrow them also. The quality really is not bad and it does come with many accessories, 15 in total, as well as with flashing lights, sounds, sirens and words. And the set is really for them, I just wasn’t happy with the price.

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Kids-Toys-Parents-Love edit: OK, so two years after our kids have been playing with the set, they love it! The police car needs its battery changed, but the other two are still at it, and both our 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy play with them in their own ways, and we did ultimately get our money's worth, so I don't mind admitting that it was worth the purchase!

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