Alphabet Blocks - Jumbo Alphabet and Number Blocks

The Jumbo Alphabet and Number Blocks are number and alphabet blocks made by Maximenterprise, creators of earth friendly wooden toys of all types from wooden blocks and wooden cars to construction sets and even Nativity sets. This 50 piece set includes all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 through 9 in multi colored 2 inch by 2 inch 3D blocks with various letters and numbers on each side. The set also includes a cloth bag for wiping the blocks clean and then storing them.

Though the recommended age is three and up, my wife bought this number and alphabet blocks set for our 21 month old daughter for Christmas. Being that the blocks are 2 inches cubed, there’s very little danger of her getting one of these stuck in her mouth, but to be careful, do follow the manufacturer’s age recommendation if that is a concern.

Part of the charm is not only in the letters and numbers, but also the colors allow parents an opportunity to teach or reinforce color knowledge. The multi faced blocks also allow for various letter combinations, and important factor that we have been missing with our current alphabet wooden blocks that generally only had one of each of the 26 letters in the alphabet. This opens up an whole new set of words beyond the three or four letter words limited by the single 26 letters.

The range of numbers works in a similar way, allowing to construct numbers in the hundreds with various digit combinations.

Overall they’re very cute and colorful, and a real nice addition to the kids wooden toys collection. Look out for the price though, which approaches the high end at over $32, and has a painful near $10 shipping cost. Costs aside, the blocks are very fun and educational.

Alphabet Blocks

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