LeapFrog my own Leaptop

LeapFrog Laptop

The LeapFrog my own Leaptop is a fun little personalized pretend LeapFrog laptop for toddlers ages 2 to 4. On its own, it allows little tots to explore the alphabet, music, animals and computer literacy with six learning activity stations. By connecting the LeapFrog laptop to the internet through a standard computer, you can download songs and create playlists, customize email messages for your children and even customize learning ideas and print free coloring pages.

My wife bought this for our little 21 month old toddler girl who seems to be really interested in learning letters and numbers, but also likes to play with her older brother’s digital learning toys and even tries to play with our adult computers.

She already likes, and is familiar with, the voices of Scout and Violet which are the puppy pals in many of LeapFrogs educational toys. Scout and Violet are exactly the same and indistinguishable in the black and white LED screen, but Violet comes specifically in the purple laptop specifically designed for girls. Either Violet or Scout have a blog that kids can access and read on the LeapFrog my own Leaptop.

The puppy pal guides toddlers through many familiar computer icons with a friendly voice and practically self explanatory instructions. The music is cute and fun, and the letters, shapes, email and animals are fun to learn and accessible through the moving and permanently connected side mouse. One setting that is unfortunately missing is a numbers setting, which was really a surprising omission.

Currently, LeapFrog my own Leaptop can be found online for under $19, with free shipping on amazon, but the price is rising quickly on other sites as the holidays near. I suspect that the price will remain steady after the holidays.

LeapFrog Laptop
I recently took it out of the package to prepare its wrapping and really like the look of it and the sounds. Since the holidays are still a while away, I’ll update afterwards to comment on how both our little 21 month old girl and our 3 ½ year old boy reacted to the LeapFrog Laptop.

LeapFrog Laptop

Kids-Toys-Parents-Love edit: I promised you I'd write back after the holidays...but I never meant 2 years later! I was reminded of the LeapFrog Laptop yesterday when our 3 and a half year old daughter was playing with it on her bed during the afternoon. She kept laughing and giggling at the emails she was getting from "grandma" and loved the animals she could recognize by pressing the letters. Still on its original batteries two years later, our boy played for a good year with it and now our daughter has been having fun with it since the boy moved on. It was a worthwhile purchase and a valuable educational toy!

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