Spot the Dog from Eric Hill books

Spot the Dog is a fun little yellow puppy and the main character in a long series of books created by Eric Hill in the United Kingdom since 1980. The first book, Where's Spot? introduced Spot to his loving fans, and he went on to star in his own television series as well as also starring in many interactive CD-ROMs.

A variety of fun with Spot books are available including read along CD ROM books, flip top books, pop up books as well as picture books and cloth books. In many of the books Spot goes on scavenging adventures in the tradition of the first book in which Sally, Spot’s mom goes looking for him.

Spot’s stories include a many recurring characters starting with his family. His family is composed of his mother Sally, his father Sam, his sister Susie, his Grandpa from mom’s side and Grandma from dad’s side. Additional recurring characters include Helen the blue Hippopotamus, Steve the brown Monkey, Tom the green Crocodile, Clare the green Turtle, Sidney the yellow Snake, his teacher Miss Bear, Betsy the Bear, Cybil the orange Cat and Ginger the polite Cat.

Our first Spot the Dog book was Spot's First Easter (color) after getting it for our almost two year old son’s first official Easter. He loved the flip top feature as they revealed all the hidden Easter eggs. The adventure follows Spot and Helen as they gather all the Easter eggs and share them with Spot’s mom.

Later on, our daughter also appreciated the book and loved the flip top feature as well. Of course, she ended ripping off some of them which is her rascally signature!

Fun with Spot Eric Hill books are really fun to read and share with the kids and very simple to learn, allowing them to learn words and linguistic rhythms early on and picking up some of the literature as they read and request the books over and over as part of their nighttime routine.

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