The Quest Sport Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller

The Quest Sport Maclaren strollers are made by the Maclaren company of Long Buckby, England, a private company founded in 1967 by Owen Maclaren, an aeronautics engineer that would come to modernize the foldable umbrella style baby stroller in 1965.

Maclaren strollers are sleek and stylish high quality strollers available in several models including the Quest Sport, the Triumph Racing stroller, the Techno XLR and the Twin Triumph and Twin Techno models.

Once our boy became a bit bigger and no longer a newborn, it became a little senseless to carry around the somewhat bulky Spree Travel System. It had been an excellent choice and appropriate for our young newborn, but we needed something lighter and more practical for continuous every day use.

Maclaren Strollers Quest Sport

Maclaren Quest Stroller

The Maclaren Quest Sport was a good option for our needs. We held off buying up because they tend to be pricey, but my wife convinced me that it was a good idea, and since she’s rarely wrong on her research and ultimate choices, I agreed.

We ended up with the Maclaren Quest Sport in Charcoal Grey and Silver, a really stylish and attractive color combination with a hollow silver aluminum frame and comfortable, high grade washable fabric. The buckles are extra safe and extremely difficult for even older children to unbuckle, which is good because this has a target audience for children three months to 4 years of age.

I really like the handle bars as they feel and look like a racing ten speed bike handle bar, and pushing it feels really smooth, contributed to the four 5 inch rubber tires that swivel at the front.

At 12 pounds, it’s lightweight and folding umbrella features are what really sells this stroller. The overall dimensions are 31.5 inches long, 19 inches wide and 41.5 inches high. It folds by pressing down on the lock bar then folding bar by foot and pushing down to a fold. The parking brakes are also foot operated. For the kids’ comfort, there is a 4 point reclining seat as well as an extendable leg rest.

The Maclaren stroller is getting much more use than the Graco simply because it is much easier and much more convenient. Our boy is three now and walks most of the time, but our 20 month old daughter continues to use it and has been doing so for almost a year, and probably will continue to use it for at least another year. So while it cost a bit more than the Graco, it’s getting three times the life use for its cost.

It is unfortunate that in 2009 there was a recall on the Maclaren strollers in the United States because of finger injuries on the folding frames. My wife went on a panic and researched the story then called Maclaren. They promptly sent her a pair of covers that go over the fold, and she was satisfied with the solution, but I think it did some major harm to the Maclaren brand that they’ll have some difficulties in overcoming.

Overall, the Maclaren Quest Sport stroller is sleek, stylish, lightweight, convenient, durable and really fun to ride the kids around.

Maclaren Strollers Quest Sport

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