Hannah Montana Soundtrack to Hannah Montana the Movie

Hannah Montana Soundtrack

The Hannah Montana Soundtrack is a music compilation that accompanies Hannah Montana the Movie starring Miley Cyrus. Our eldest girl had been in love with Hannah Montana since the inception of her first show on March 24, 2006, calling herself, “Hannah Montana’s biggest fan.”

Her heart may have been in the biggest fan category, but as parents we just could not fuel the fire ignited by Miley Cyrus in the way that many parents did, shelling out thousands of dollars for her concerts. It was even reported that the Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana with Jonas Brothers Best of Both Worlds Tour claimed the most expensive concert ticket at $3,050. It was a live event at the peak of her Hannah Montana run on January 5, 2008.

But we fed into just about anything that was Hannah Montana merchandise including posters, CDs, clothing, even a bed sheet, pillow and comforter set. But mostly what she wanted was the music and acting content of Miley Cyrus. And after a while she developed a collection of her music albums and watched her Best of Both Worlds Concert and Hannah Montana: The Movie

It seemed though that with of all the media Hannah Montana produced, our girl enjoyed the Hannah Montana soundtrack the most. She felt that Miley Cyrus showed different parts of her personality, which represented the actor’s on screen conflict with her dual identity struggles demonstrated in both the television and film adaptation. Partly because there are several songs performed on the album by Miley Cyrus that gives credit to both Cyrus and to Hannah Montana. But our girl claims that there was something more soulful in the differences of the song.

This mature statement came at a time when she started outgrowing some of her more innocent tastes like High School Musical, Girlz Rock and even Hannah Montana. It appeared that Ms. Cyrus had been growing musically and personally as her fans grew with her. And she also started getting into other artists as well, and the Hannah Montana soundtrack introduced her to an artist that is currently one of her favorites, Taylor Swift.

Early into 2010, our girl began to experience a distance in her taste of Ms. Cyrus and her dual personification. And with it much of what used to be celebrated. But one thing that remained for a while was the Hannah Montana soundtrack, and the bed sheet, pillows and comforter set in spite of her opposition (that stuff was expensive)!

These days she still watches Hannah Montana on television as the shows continue to be fresh until the finale of the fourth season in the Spring of 2011. Her expression as a fan is more subtle and internal, but will always remain part of our girl’s identity during this tender

segment of her life.
Hannah Montana Soundtrack

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