LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo

I bought the LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo for our son’s first Christmas a couple of years ago as he turned seven months. It was one of the few toys that he took to right away and ultimately kept his attention during that young era in his life. A little over two years later when his younger sister would be ready to start playing, it has lasted long enough for her to enjoy and we haven’t even changed the batteries!

While compiling my reviews for this website, I couldn’t help but compliment my wife on all the great educational toys that she’s researched and bought for our children and how well they worked. She reminded me that I was the one who introduced her to the LeapFrog series of educational toys with our son a couple of years ago and even with our eldest girl many years ago with the the original LeapPad Books learning system.

And as I look through my own amazon.com account, I see she’s right!! LeapFrog makes some pretty great educational toys, and I’ve enjoyed this one for many reasons.

First, as a parent, the sounds and music on the Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo is not terribly annoying, and the two setting volume control is a welcome feature. The three music modes entertains children ages 6 months to 3 years by introducing them to the 26 letters of the alphabet and their accompanying sounds, 26 animals beginning with their respective letters such as alligator, owl and zebra while briefly reciting the animals’ sounds, and an all music mode that stops playing when the child stops spinning.

Which brings my to the second aspect that I like, it entertains, teaches and keeps the children’s attention. As it happens with so many of his older toys that he’s passed down to his sister, once she begins playing with them he takes a sudden re-interest. So now, while he’s almost 3 and a half and she’s 20 months, AND they both have a multiplicity of other educational and fun toys, they STILL find the time and interest to give the Alphabet Zoo a spin.

Alphabet Zoo

Next of course is its durability. It’s been about three years since we originally bought this for our son and it has lasted and kept its shape well into our daughter’s second year, all while running on the original AA batteries.

The Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo is a very cute toy that has nice educational sounds with spinning accompanying lights that please little minds while being tolerable to adults. As they get older, the educational properties are reinforced by more advanced educational toys as LeapFrog has a great way of maintaining its theme as it introduces learning experiences for advancing young children.

And finally, its price! I’m a frugal man, my wife can attest to that. Even when I go to get my children amazing gifts without a “budget” I still get price shock. But at under $20.00 and lasting as long as it did, it is a great value.

Alphabet Zoo

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