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standard unit blocks

Our Melissa & Doug 60 Piece Standard Unit Blocks set seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. One day there was this big block of pale wooden blocks in our home, just sitting there. I knew my wife was behind this, and since she knows how cheap and tight I am with money, just kind of let the obvious information slide by without acknowledgement.

But seriously, she bought the set for about $45 at the time, now available for around $41 with free shipping, and I can’t really pinpoint what occasion this was for. Our son’s birthday? Our daughter’s baptism? This was June, so none of those explanations made sense.

But it didn’t matter. The standard unit blocks were here and we wanted to play with them. The block set itself comes with 60 solid wood pieces and a wooden storage box. The box, which encases all 60 pieces with a little space left over, measures 12.5 wide by 15 long by 5.25 inches high and weighs 21.6 pounds. It’s recommended for children ages 3 to infinity, or middle age in my circumstance. The blocks are made of 100% hardwoods with no fillers or varnishes and are sanded to an ultra smooth finish with rounded edges.

standard unit blocks

Once I carried the too-heavy-for-three-year-olds set to the playroom, we played for at least a couple of hours, building monumental edifices reaching over three feet high. As our three year old boy helped me build these gigantic buildings, we gathered some dinosaurs to ultimately blame on the powerful demolition we were about to unleash on them.

The blocks would come crashing down with loudness and excitement, and the two of us would giggle and laugh at our sinister behavior. We would repeat this over and over as we continuously blamed our stuffed dinosaur friend.

Unfortunately, this was one of the few toys recommended for children 3 and older that we thought was a bit too dangerous for our then 15 month old girl, so we put the standard unit blocks set away under the sofa in the family room.

Months would pass and summer would turn into late autumn before our son finally began to demand free range of the first floor beyond the gated playroom. And as he explored the many dangerous elements of the home, ran with candle ornaments, opened and closed kitchen cabinets and refrigerator doors, rode his Kids ATV around the house and pushed the baby strollers back and forth, he rediscovered the block set under the sofa.

standard unit blocks

In that moment, his eyes lit up with the excitement and the memory of the monstrous dinosaur that ravaged the ancient buildings. He quickly began taking the wooden blocks out of the case and began building his own creations. He would ask me to join him play and invite mom, auntie and sister to play with him. There were several times where I was working on this website and he would come over and say, “Do you want to make houses?” and without waiting for a reply, turned off my computer monitor and guided my hand to the floor and play. It was time much better spent, and is something we currently and continuously do, so the words that I’m writing are capturing a present time in our lives.

Our now 20 month old daughter explores the first floor beyond the playroom also, with guidance of course, and oftentimes catches the boy playing with the standard unit blocks. This time, she’s become the dinosaur as she briefly helps to stack some blocks before menacingly sending them to their crashing fall.

These wooden blocks have become our household favorite, and we gladly and highly recommend them to any home with children ages 3 to middle age and infinity.

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Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

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