Percussion instruments for kids that rock, including a great bongos drum set!

I considered a few percussion instruments for our boy’s third birthday but didn’t want to spend too much money, since it was one of a group of gifts I was getting him, and because I didn’t want to invest in an expensive instrument if I had no expectations of him really committing to it musically.

I searched around for many types of percussion type instruments including drum sets for kids and found some really cool sets for just over $100 and into the $190 range which I really fantasized and for a moment considered bending my budget for. But he was going to be just three and therefore too young. Plus it would have driven grandma nuts!

So I decided to stay in budget and get him a bongos drum set instead. I looked around for some toy bongos, but they were the same price as a real set and the quality did not nearly match that of a real bongos set. I talked it over with my wife just to make sure I was not getting the wrong thing, and she approved.

The bongos set proved to be a great purchase. They were made of quality wood and skin and were high gloss and very attractive. What’s great is that they were ready to play right out of the box, so we could just continue opening gifts and not have to spend too much time preparing the set. It came with a turning key, and now we have a percussion instrument in the house to compliment all our other musical instruments.

I still would love to get him a drum set for kids when he’s a little older, but I might have to do a little negotiating with mom-in-law for approval. In the meantime, he loves in and smacks around with it as we all get together and jam out horribly and with inescapable auditory punishment, but we do it with so much fun and laughter that the awfulness of the music becomes part of the comedic act!

Percussion Instruments

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