Learning Numbers with Meet the Numbers

Learning Numbers

Learning numbers has become quick and easy with Meet the Numbers by the Preschool Prep Company, LLC in Danville, California. Directed by Kathy Oxley, it introduces children 9 months to 5 years numbers 0 through 10 in both English and Spanish.

I’m not entirely sure how long we’ve had this video or how long the kids have been watching it, but I became incredibly interested in Preschool Prep’s Meet the Sight Words series, which far exceeded my expectations in educational videos. My wife research, found and bought these videos and Meet the Sight Words was part of my nighttime bathing and pajamas routine, so I got to see our 3 year old boy and 14 month old girl learn all 46 sight words with true fascination and amazement.

With that experience in mind, I found Meet the Numbers in our educational DVDs library and popped it in the DVD player to see how the kids reacted to them. Well, I felt a little silly when both of them were able to say the numbers in anticipation of the upcoming scenes with ease and almost a tone of “been there, done that.” So, I looked at the cover again and decided to try out the Spanish version to see if it would challenge them. It turns out that they know all the Spanish numbers just as well and kind of mocked me a little bit. It was cute!

My wife stated that when they were first learning these numbers, it took them just a day to get them all and another two days to learn them in Spanish. But I don’t know why I was surprised, our boy had known how to count to over 100 in English and 70 in Spanish since he turned two, and our girl counts up to 22 before needing help. She benefited the most by learning the Spanish numbers which she cutely counts at random times throughout the day.

Meet the Numbers introduces numbers 0 through 10 over thirty minutes in this video. It uses the similar abstract graphic images and the mesmerizing repetitiveness of Meet the Sight Words. It makes learning numbers easy by grabbing children’s attention and repeating the numbers in a calculated, methodical way.

Learning Numbers

Of all the learning numbers DVDs, I think Meet the Numbers does the best job at actually teaching. The main problem I have is that it is light on the numbers. Teaching from 0 through 10, it is just 11 numbers. It’s the same problem I have with most numbers videos, which I really think should go up to at least 100!! Up to ten, and it’s just too basic, but it’s difficult to find good quality videos that go the distance, but at least it’s better than Nursery Numbers from Baby Einstein which only goes up to 5!! for $15. With Meet the Numbers, you get six more numbers for the same price.

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