Kids Electric Guitar that Rocks!

Kids Electric Guitar

After major research, the best kids electric guitar I found for the price and the value was the J. Reynolds Mini Electric Guitar Prelude Pack. Currently under $100 with free Super Saver Shipping on, the prelude pack comes with the mini 29 inch electric guitar, a mini 9 volt battery operated RMS amplifier, an adjustable strap, a 10 inch cable and a few picks to start you off right out of the box.

While it comes in many colors including Red, Jet Black, Antique Sunburst and available in acoustic models, I bought the mini electric guitar in Princess Pink for our oldest and then 7 year old girl who’d been rocking out with my Pevey electric guitar to Ozzy’s Shot in the Dark. It was a surprise birthday gift and so much fun watching her tear open the large gift box and finding this cool and awesome kids electric guitar.

In addition to getting the guitar I got a couple of inexpensive guitar stands for her guitar, my Pevey and our electric bass guitars, a 6 foot guitar cord and a Behringer Ultra Metal foot pedal to share.

The guitar itself, aside of being pink, is a 29 inch, 21 fret single coil pickup guitar with one tone and one volume dial. It comes with six metal strings right out of the box that needs a little tuning. Overall the quality is very nice for the price with its glossy and neat finish. Having a standard neck width, it is very literally a miniature electric guitar and not a toy guitar by any means.

The RMS amplifier is a miniature amplifier powered by an included 9 volt battery with the option of attaching a not-included AC power cord. It is a 0.5 Watt, 8 ohm and is louder than I expected. That might be a complaint for some parents, but I love that it rocks loud!! Plus, adjusting the volume to a low setting really alleviates that problem.

The inexpensive stand works nicely, and I put two guitars on it because I never bought that fourth stand. And it has been a couple of years since I bought this kids electric guitar, but I don’t remember that it came with a ten inch guitar cable, that would be pretty ridiculous! I already had some six foot and ten foot cables and don’t see any 10 inch cables in our music cabinet, so it might have been a misprint.

This kids electric guitar overall is perfect for its targeted audience of 5 to 7 year olds. Our now 11 year old picks up the guitar occasionally, and it has become a favorite for our son who is 3. I even pick it up sometimes, and many adult musician guests who come over can’t help but pick it up and play with it. I think she lost interest in it since we got her the Casio keyboard. Even with some instructional DVDs we got for her, she never got comfortable enough with learning the guitar, but we continued to make pretend to jam to Metallica, Ozzy, Motley Crue and the Scorpions!! And she still thinks it rocks! In a theoretical sort of way.

If you’re thinking of getting your teenager an electric guitar, it’s best to just ask him or her what they truly want and research it together or give them a budget. If they’re requesting an electric guitar at this age it is because they have a real interest in learning the instrument.

I bought a Peavey electric guitar used from a friend as an adult but never cared for it. If you want your teenager to stick to his instrument, cheap guitars just don’t cut it and have a way of dampening inspiration. Even though you’re shopping for a starter guitar, good ones for a dedicated beginner start at about $300. You might get away with one for $250, but you’re stretching it! Good electric guitars under $450 include Gibson or the Epiphone Les Paul - good guitars. If you’re teen is into hard music they might enjoy a good electric guitar with some of the styles I used to love (still do) like the B.C. Rich Warlock for under $300 or the Dean V Dave Mustaine electric guitar also for under $300.
Kids Electric Guitar

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