Alphabet learning made fun and easy with the LeapFrog Scribble and Write.

Scribble and Write

LeapFrog makes alphabet learning easy with Leapfrog Scribble Write . The Scribble and Write is an electronic hand held device aimed at teaching children ages 3 to 5 how to write both upper and lower case letters of the English alp alphabet and is currently available from for under $17.00 with its free super saver shipping. It additionally includes a shapes drawing mode as well as a pictures drawing mode. A child appropriate stylus connected by a cord to the device helps the child write on the single retraceable surface. It uses light guidance to help children learn to write the alphabet along with a male voice and a puppy’s voice named Scout.

My wife bought this educational toy for our son’s third birthday. She got him this and a couple of other LeapFrog toys in an effort to help him catch up on language skills and communication which she felt he might have been slow to learn.

In the meantime, I was excited for his upcoming birthday and was getting him things like a Remote Control Lamborghini Reventon, a bongos drum set and other exciting toys for him to have fun. When I was wrapping up the gifts for his upcoming birthday party, I compared the gifts and thought to myself, “my gifts are going to be a hit.”

During his dinosaur birthday party, the boy was having so much fun with the decorations, company and chocolate cupcakes. When it came time to unwrap his gifts, he was overwhelmed with the pleasure of so many gifts along with a state of confusion about what to do with them.

Initially, he played with my gifts the most for a few days, and he still loves them. But once the novelty of those gifts wore off, he picked up the Scribble and Write and had some difficulties adjusting to it, he just knew that at some level, he liked it.

One evening when we came home from work, the boy was sitting quietly with grandma as he tried to figure it out. His attention would not leave the toy, but sadly he needed to go to bed. He complied rather well that night, and the next morning when I brought him downstairs, he woke up early and jumped right on the Scribble and Write. With his belly down on the floor, he started listening to the instructions and went to work. His mom and me, also went to work.

When we came back home later that night, our boy was eager to show us how he had learned to write the alphabet. In excitement, he would show us how to write the letter M while speaking out loud with the guide, “Start with a straight line here. Then, draw a line from here to here. Next, draw another line from here to here. Finally draw a straight line from here to here.” And he would repeat similar phrases with similar instructions while completing the entire alphabet!

It was such an amazing moment and I was so proud of my boy! We watched him go from struggling to understand to ultimately learning to write the entire alphabet in a single day!

He carried this toy with him everywhere. The upper and lower case modes kept his interest for months, and he took advantage of the shapes mode and learned simple to complex shapes from triangles and squares to octagons. Besides alphabet learning, the shapes learning mode is quite valuable too.

Unfortunately, it is not as durable as he would have hoped. The stickers on the toy came off quickly, which he didn’t mind. What hurt him the most as that the screen itself began to lose its accuracy and bubbled up after he would write on it. We were on a happy vacation, but there was an expression of sorrow on the boy’s soul as he mourned the loss of his toy.Now, this was from May to August and after dozens of hours and multiple tracings on the screen. But eventually it did lose most of its accuracy. I took some books and pressed the screen down overnight which brought it back to life. But at that point our boy had moved on to other things.

His 20 month old sister now plays with it and scribbles herself. She knows how to read the alphabet and points to it while claiming the letters as they appear, but she has not yet started writing the alphabet.
Scribble and Write

Leapfrog Toy Scribble Write

Overall this was one of the most impressive alphabet learning toys I’ve seen and made alphabet learning and writing easy for our boy. There was a tremendous sense of accomplishment in his proud eyes when he figured out how to write the alphabet, as well as a powerful sense of loss when the screen would no longer trace.

At $17 though, this alphabet learning toy might be worth getting again for our little girl who is also interested in the alphabet. Certainly, this is a valuable educational learning toy that I would recommend to any parent.

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