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Our kids love Sandra Boynton Books! We have a small but growing collection of her books, and their favorite ones right now include The Going-To-Bed Book, Opposites, and their all time favorite Boynton book Pajama Time!

We started reading Boynton’s books to our son early on before he turned 1, and by two he was reading them in full. Mostly by memorization, but he just had so much fun with them. Now our daughter at 21 months reads them along with her three year old brother who now not only has them all memorized, but also actually reads them.

Pajama Time was one of his favorites about a year ago, and he loved exclaiming, “It’s Pajama Time!” at the end of each segment. The Going to Bed book was one of the very first books he repeated all the way through at two and Opposites, well, that was kind of an easy one for both of them. It’s a great book for tiny tots with easy to repeat words that ultimately delivers the concept of opposites.

Sandra Boynton has developed a vast collection over the span of her long and successful career. Titles include Moo, Baa, La La La - A to Z - But Not the Hippopotamus - Doggies - Blue Hat, Green Hat - Horns to Toes and in between and dozens more along with book sets since writing her first book Hippos go Berserk in 1977.

Born in April 3, 1953, Boynton majored in English at Yale and dropped out of graduate school from U.C. Berkley while majoring in drama. She designed greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings since 1973 and has created over 4,000 cards.

She continues her work today in a converted barn full of vintage articles she calls, “clutter” and works on projects that she wants, when she wants and for companies she finds interesting. She doesn’t license her work unless she can develop the artwork and direction herself while celebrating the more fun - rather than business - side of her career.

And though we appreciate her philosophies, our kids love her books even more!

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