The Vantage High Back Booster Safety 1st Car Seat

Safety First Car Seat

The Vantage High Back Booster Safety 1st Car Seat is a great seat for our growing 3 and a half year old boy! I made the decision to get this car seat when I saw both our boy and our baby girl becoming increasingly tight in their car seats on the back of the old Nissan, and I wanted to get it just in time for the purchase of the used 2002 Chrysler Town & Country last December. The all wheel drive and the extended cabin was going to be the permanent home of our updated car seats.

With Sears having an 3 day only sale, my then manage, a mom of three, helped me look through their online catalog and suggested the Safety 1st car seat which happen to be on sale for $89. That very Friday after work I rushed to Sears with my wife and noticed that it had not only been on sale, but I was to get an additional $10 off for the floor model still wrapped in plastic.

Safety First Car Seat
As I got home happy with the combination of the sale and the discount, I went online to see what amazon had been selling it for. Guess what, it was $79 with free super saver shipping. It was the very same Vantage High Back Booster model. I felt bamboozled!

Nevertheless, we got the used mini-van and being a 2002 model, it had the LATCH system and installed within minutes. I started getting good at these things, a high contrast to the first car seat I installed when our son was born!

The Vantage High Back Booster is a great looking front facing Safety 1st car seat with comfortable fabric and reclining settings. It has the 5-point harness for children 22 to 40 pounds as well as the 40 to 100 pound booster using the 5 position shoulder belt guides. The ProTech energy absorption foam adds collision protection as well as comfort.

At about 34 pounds presently, our boy is still using the 5-point harness setting while taking advantage of the cup holder and snack compartment. It’s a good thing that the cup holder is removable since I already installed his sister’s car seat on the other side.

What’s great about the Safety 1st car seat is that we switch back and forth between the minivan and our commuter Subaru Impreza every week. We use the Chrysler on weekends and commute to work with the gas sipping Subaru while dropping the boy off at preschool. He loves going to school and always knows when it’s time to get into Blueberry Moon - his name for the blue colored Subaru.

On weekends, he asks to go for a ride on Sarah, the name he gave to the Chrysler. Both he and his sister really love the sometimes long car rides we take. Many times we’ll go to the local lake beach and other times we’ll drive through the mountains and into the tall peaks overlooking the winter views of the Poconos. The seats were great for a long 6 hour drive to a great little vacation spot in this great beach town we used to visit way before we were married.

The Safety 1st car seat is a good, reliable car seat that’s easy to install, is comfortable and of course it keeps your children safe at an incredibly affordable price!

Safety First Car Sea

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