The Original Lite Brite from 1967 has remained popular for over 40 years!

The original Lite Brite toy has remained popular since Hasbro first introduced it in 1967. The 1980’s saw an energetic revival of the toy and the era may even represent the peak in love and popularity for the Lite Brite.

My wife has been a fan of the Lite Brite experience since she was a young child. Her memory dates the first Lite Brite hand me down she received when she was about five years old in 1979. She does add that many of her friends also had the Lite Brite and they would play together making wonderfully lit art either using the stencils or their own imagination and watching the works of art come to life when turning down the lights!

Over the years she remained a fan at heart of the original Lite Brite and its 1980’s incarnation to the point where she purchased one for herself again in her mid 20’s. During her search, she was able to find one of the original Lite Brite boxes from 1989 in mint condition with all the pegs as well as the stencils.

Her intentions definitely were not for collecting, since she opened the box and made many lit creations while using them for party decorations or simply as room ambiance. When we first started dating again in the late 1990’s she even created a work of art just for my studio!

When asked to define her love for Lite Brite, she passionately describes, “ I loved Lite Brite ever since I was a child for its sense of magic and creative adventure. As a child or as an adult, I always found the colors visually delicious and felt a powerful sense of nostalgia as an adult which inspired me to get a 1980’s original Lite Brite. To this day it is one of my favorite childhood toys.

What’s more exciting is that I actually found the box in the garage during my current goal to clean and organize the insane mess in that place! At about two thirds through organizing the garage almost three years after moving into our home I was able to find some really fun stuff including my MUSCLES collection, her Cabbage Patch doll and her original Lite Brite box!! It’s still a bit dusty and I haven’t finished organizing that section, but when it’s nice and clean we’ll get together for a family project and place pictures of this amazing toy on this web site.

The orignial Lite Brite was introduced in 1967 by Hasbro toys and came with a glow panel box, about 550 colored translucent pegs including clear, purple, pink, orange, green, blue, red and yellow as well as several black opaque sheets that either came blank or had an image stenciled for easily creating a spectacular image.

Over the years, the Lite Brite has been reintroduced with various stencils including some licensed images like Scooby Doo and Mickey Mouse and Hasbro also sold separate packages of the pegs for more advanced image creation. More recently, they introduced a 3D Cubed version with four sides that allows you to create four complete images. They even arrived in the 21st Century with their very own iPad app with many more pegs than the original.

One of the coolest things about the Lite Brite is that the lit colored pegs tend to look very much like modern LED lights while using basic technology. And the finished and lit creations look fantastic in dimmed rooms. The Lite Brite is an amazing toy for children as well as for adventurous and nostalgic adults.

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