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Pink Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS is a handheld portable video game console that plays DS games as well as Game Boy Advance games. For most parents, it is a costly machine that, at least in our household, is reserved for birthdays or a major holiday. And of course our then nine year old had to have one, in pink, for her birthday. At now 11.5 years of age, she continues to play with it and continues to function well after replacing a lost battery charger, so the cost relates to a good value because of its durability and extended use.

It’s perfect for long road trips and for keeping her busy and entertained when there’s not much else going on. Like all video and computer games, limits are important, but the games themselves are innocent and harmless enough.

The Nintendo DS system has a few incarnations including the Nindendo DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite and a multiplicity of colors. Just be aware that if you own one, all the others are practically the same so there isn’t any real advantage of getting a second unless you have more than one child at the appropriate age.

Some things that make it a good value includes the backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance games, long battery life (advertised at 19 hours), it has Wi-Fi connection with other DS owners and a range of 30 to 100 feet, and the games look good, are fun, and are easy to navigate.

That’s my take on it, for a real review, here’s a full report written with enthusiasm and pleasure by our 11 year old herself:

“The Nintendo DS is a machine that I love playing. When you first get one it asks for your birthday. Also, there is a system called pictochat. You click on pictochat and the people around you with nintendos playing pictochat can chat with you on pictochat. When it is your birthday and you’re playing on pictochat it says happy birthday in rainbow colors.

They have many color Nintendo DS that you can choose from. I personally picked pink because it is my favorite color. The bottom screen is a touch screen, but the top isn’t. They give you a pen for the touch screen. Nintendo DS games require the pen for the touch screen. In the back you could put a gameboy game in the bottom and a nintendo game in the top. Also, there are download games. If a friend has a game that could be multiplayer you could download the game and play.

Nintendo DS

I have seventeen Nintendo DS games. They are all very fun and amazing. The best one from all of my nintendo games would be MarioKart. I give this five stars because you can play many games on it. One game you play is racing. You could race with Mario players and race. Another game you can play is race in time. You could pick a track and race by yourself. They time you on this one. Then, there are missions. They tell you what to do and you have to do it. Its very fun though.

Next Nintendo DS game I have is Style Savvy. It’s a girls game and I give this game five stars. This game is about fashion. You make your avatar and play her. In the boutique you help other customers find their inner beauty. You can buy clothes for the store and for yourself.

Another game I have is called Animal Crossing (Wild World). I give this game four and a half stars. You can choose a girl or a boy and they make your person. Everyone in the game is an animal except for you. There are two stores, a museum, and a town hall. You can also go in some animal friend’s home if they are in there.

Next game I have is called My Sims Kingdom. You make your avatar and you play as him/her. A thief stole the whole city and you need to rebuild it in your own way. Also, you need to find out who the thief is. There are many levels in this game that you need to succeed.

Another game is called My Sims. You make your avatar and play as that person. You move into a boring city. You have to make it seem alive and heart filling. The more you try the more people will start coming. Also, there are some upset people in the city. You need to cheer them up or give them a nice gift.

There’s another game that is called Pokemon Pearl. You collect pokemon and battle trainers. Also, you travel to many places and battle gym trainers. You get money and you can buy some things for your pokemon.

Another game I have is called Nintendogs. You buy dogs and play with them, feed them , and bath them. You can also walk them and bring them to contests. You could also put accessories on them.

Petz Dogz Fashion is another great game. You pick a dog and name it. You also take care of it. You can buy clothes for the dog. You can bring the dog to the Fashion shoe for dogs and win prizes. You can also play mini games with your dog.

Boutique Owner is also a fantastic game too. You own a boutique and customers come to buy items. You bring them what they ask for and they go to the register. You can also make designer stuff by you.

Fashion Designer is a fabulous game. They tell the topic and you need to sow some outfits together. Also, you put makeup the model and make her hair. You also take pictures of her. You can also take her to the runway.

Brain Age2 is a fun, smart game to play. It helps with your left brain and your right. There is fun games on it too. You can pay word scramble, piano player, money maker, and more.

Big Brain Academy is another intelligent game. It helps you with your math, your brain, your memory, and more. I enjoy this game because it has fun games and it helps you.

Flash Focus is a game for your vision. There is some games that goes fast and slow. It has also has eye relaxations. When you have an eye test it’s a lot of games together. It tells you if your eyes are good, bad or okay.

Hannah Montana Music Jam is a game for people who love music. You are Miley and you explore everywhere. You can also change to Hannah Montana. You make music videos and play the guitar and bass.

Spiderman Friend Or Foe is an active game. You try to defeat all the bad guys and get partners. You also get the hostages. You also learn some new moves. You can also be your partner.

Cars is a driving game from the animated movie. There are mini games. Once you defeat a game they put a new game. Also, you can race with the computer game. This game is for kids who like playing car games and like the movie.

Hannah Montana is a mystery game. You play as Miley in the game. In the game someone sends an email that says they know her secret. You need to figure out who sent that message before they tell anyone. You ask many people for clues to figure who sent the message.

For storing my Nintendo DS and my games I got a really cool purple case. Now I carry the case around and it’s easy not to lose things. Nintendo DS is a kid’s dream. I love Nintendo DS because it’s a very fun and interesting invention. Nintendos are only $129.99.”

Well, there you have it, the Nintendo DS is a hit, and I love the way she claims it’s only $129.99!

Nintendo DS

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