New Moon Birthday Party for your Dark Romantic

New Moon Birthday Party

This New Moon birthday party was inspired by our eldest girl’s fascination with the Twilight Saga films and books. A phenomenon that still continues with the release of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, the series awakens a romantic darkness in our preteen’s spirit.

I knew this was going to be a challenge for my wife, but had confidence in her and knew that she would find all the right materials as well as possess the ability to bring everything together in a magical, supernatural romantic fantasy way. Unlike birthday party decorations for our two youngest children ages 1 and 3, this was going to be for an 11 year old girl with a maturing taste as well as a valley girl-like cynical criticism. My wife’s goal was to visually amaze her while still pulling on the strings of her youth and innocence.

She started by first monopolizing on some year old posters from her job’s window displays, left way in the back of the stock room and ready to be thrown out. With the proper approvals, she took them and gave them new life and meaning in our dining room walls. They were the perfect backdrop for the party decorations that would dominate the center of the room.

Through, she was able, to my surprise, find exactly the right party decorations - The Twilight Saga New Moon Party Pack. The pack included eight of each of the dinner plates, dessert plates, forks, knives, spoons, 16 lunch napkins, 16 beverage napkins, solid color table cover, 18 balloons in three colors, curling ribbons in three colors and crepe paper rolls in three colors. It also came with 8 lenticular cups which ended up being much better in quality than any of us expected and we’re still using them months after the party. All are licensed and have images of the films’ main characters and the images on the cups have a moving effect!

New Moon Birthday Party

For this New Moon birthday party, she also used the rotating light show machine that we always use as well as the disposable helium tank that still had plenty of helium from our daughter’s first birthday party.

My wife topped off the event with homemade birthday cupcakes and a floral centerpiece over a maroon vase that we’ve had for many years.

To distract her from what was going on at home, we fulfilled one of her birthday wishes by going bowling. Upon arrival, she was delighted and amazed at her surprise birthday party, and was very actively and verbally impressed and thankful over her New Moon birthday party. She celebrated her special day with many gifts, cupcakes and romantic fantasies of vampires and werewolves.

We kept the party decorations up for several days and had multiple New Moon parties in her honor until the decorations finally came down. But to this day, we still use the 22 ounce lenticular cups, many months later!

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