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The Little Tikes toys manufacturing company is an American based toy manufacturing company headquartered in Hudson, Ohio right here in the USA! It provides jobs for about 500 Americans and generates $250 annually. Presently under the ownership of MGA Entertainment, the company produces many toys in China, but also manufactures anywhere between 180 and 230 individual toy models annually - the bulk of their production.

With its 40 year history, Little Tikes was founded in 1969 in Aurora, Ohio by Thomas G. Murdough Jr. and later moved to Hudson, Ohio in 1970. In 1984 it was acquired by Rubbermaid, employing Murdough Jr. on a five year contract, in which he later established a competing toy company named Step 2 in nearby Streetsboro, Ohio in 1989 to directly compete with Little Tikes toys.

Little Tikes is famous for its big, colorful and bulky indoor and outdoor toys aimed at children from birth to 5 years. While many of their smaller toys with electronic components are offshored to China, the large bulky toys keeps shipping costs from Asia prohibitively high. This makes manufacturing in the USA more cost effective. The company at one point considered moving its headquarters to Mexico to reduce labor costs, but decided to stay after reaching a deal with the State of Ohio in 2009 to accept a 3.2 million dollar low interest loan to expand its manufacturing equipment and capabilities in exchange for staying on Hudson, Ohio for at least 14 years and to create at least 66 more jobs.

One of their most successful toy has been the American made toy 30th anniversary yellow and red Cozy Coupe, which recently enjoyed a revival selling 509,000 units in 2009, up from 115,000 units in 2007.

Along with the Cozy Coupe, a recent visit to their Toys Made in the U.S.A. section showcased over 180 American made toys, including many outdoors and indoors classics such as tricycles, swing sets, doll houses, kitchen sets, wagons, carts, benches, and many outdoor slides, houses and teeter totter sets. With many large favorites like the classic sandbox and the huge green teeter totter set selling for under $40, it is clear that Tikes toys are competitive enough to attract the American consumer with Made in the USA toys!

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