Ultra CarGo Booster Graco Car Seat

Graco Car Seat

The Ultra CarGo Booster Graco car seat was added to our fleet when two events were occurring, our boy was approaching 20 pounds and outgrowing his SnugRide, and we were expecting our baby girl who would inheret the SnugRide. I researched heavily for this item for a while. I was definitely reading and re-reading reviews concerning safety, but I was also price shocked and did as much research as I could to try and save a few dollars.

Graco Car Seat

Unfortunately, child safety seats are very expensive. The good news is that they can be very safe if used and installed properly. Ultimately I bought the Ultra Booster Graco car seat because it offered a competitive and comparitive price point but also added the feature of growing with your child. The child seat offers a range of 20 to 100 pounds and 27 to 54 inches with two main settings, the 20 to 40 pound and 27 to 34 inches 5-point harness setting, and the 41 to 1000 pounds, 35 to 54 inches setting designed to be used with the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt.

The Graco car seat is much easier to install than the Graco SnugRide, maybe because I was a little more experienced, or maybe because it’s a front facing design that doesn’t require the base and is meant to be permanenty fixed on the car seat.

When our girl was born, we had her in the SnugRide at the center seat in the back of the old Nissan Altima while our boy sat by the right window with his Ultra CarGo Booster Graco car seat. The Nissan, being a 1998 model did not have the LATCH system as with more modern vehicles, but it was still very safe and installed well.

It was good for him because he was a little older and using sippy cups, so he would utilize the cup holder and small snack compartment. It even has a little mesh holder for toys. When he napped, we could recline the seat and give him the nice little pillow, though that thing landed on the floor more often than the back of his neck! One of the cutest images we have of them is when he is feeding his sister bottled milk while they’re both sitting on their car seats in the old Nissan.

When we eventually retired the old reliable Nissan, we bought a used 2002 Chrysler Town & Country, and this one had the LATCH system. Safety and installation improved tremendously, and by that time we had our girl sitting in the Ultra CarGo Booster Graco car seat while the boy enjoyed a new high back Safety 1st car seat.

The Mini-van was a great improvement when traveling with our family. With six of us (3 kids, mom-in-law, wifey and me) we struggled with the Altima, but now we fit everyone in and there’s even room for one more! We may have the SnugRide in there at some point after all.

So far, we haven’t used the UltraGo booster to its full capability as we moved our boy to the Safety 1st before he reached 40 pounds so that his sister may inherit it when she outgrew the SnugRide. It works well for what we have needed and it has lasted a very long time so far. It will probably be used in the higher setting as our daughter grows and may even see life after she outgrows it.

Amazon no longer carries this model, but they carry the 92000 models with or without the Simpson Racing emblems. These are pretty much the same models and are about the same price we bought the Ultra CarGo Booster.

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