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First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar

First Act Acoustic Guitar

First Act Discovery makes First Act Guitars in both acoustic and electric versions for beginning aspiring musicians ages three to nine. As our neighbors were getting ready to move out of their home, they held a garage sale and Grandma was lucky enough to find one of the First Act Discovery children’s acoustic guitars. She picked it up as soon as she saw it!

It’s funny how our family often re-gifts the same presents to our children over different holidays and occasions. And it makes a lot of sense because if they get bored with a toy, they tend to forget it for a while. That’s when we take the opportunity to hide it and keep it out of mind until the next holiday, and they get that gift plus a new one, and it’s like doubling the joy!

Now it only works for the little ones, but Grandma gave this First Act guitar to our son for Christmas when he was three years old, and while he loved it, he let it go rather soon. So, on his fourth birthday, the guitar came back. And though he loved it more, and was shared by his younger sister for a little while, it eventually faded into memory.

Fast forward to his fifth birthday, skipping Christmas altogether, and the First Act guitar came back. Only this time he had a much more developed relationship with music, so his appreciation was far more heightened than before!

First Act Discovery Acoustic Guita

Now, he would play the guitar regularly and would invent songs on his own or try to recreate popular music as well as children’s nursery songs. He loved having a kids acoustic guitar and got more and more confident playing in front of others, including groups.

One of the coolest moments for him was when we had our friends over from North Carolina. It was a couple and their fifteen year old daughter. We gave them our bedroom for the visit and were all upstairs resting their luggage. With them, us, our thirteen and three year old girls, our boy took the opportunity to show his stuff to an audience of seven!

One of the best things about the First Act guitar is that it was very inexpensive, even new! And that means that you don’t have to worry about it getting beat up or trying to treat it like a valuable antique - it’s meant for little children! We’re very casual about letting them use our adult electric guitars, including two giant bass guitars, but it’s more fun to let them be expressive than to worry about a few scratches.

And in the end, minus a few scratches here and there, it’s still very much intact. I really like that their new children’s acoustic guitars have the string guards for protection, ours doesn’t have them. And the size of the guitar is great for little children including our three year old daughter who loves to play with it. It’s dimensions are 12.1 x 3.1 x 32.4 inches and it weighs a total of 1 pound!

The kids have access to several music instruments including our electric and bass guitars, auntie’s children’s electric guitar, some bongos, a couple of electric keyboards and I was even thinking of building him a drum set out of old coffee cans to see if I should upgrade to a kids drum set - and the kids love all of them! We just have to wait and see what they’re going to be really interested as they grow before we make the upgrade to a more substantial children’s acoustic guitar.

In the meantime, this acoustic First Act guitar rocks!

First Act Acoustic Guitar

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