The Ferrari Enzo MJX 1:20 Remote Control Car

Ferrari Enzo Remote Control Car

Remote Control Ferrari MJX Enzo Red 1/20 RC Car

This Ferrari Enzo MJX 1:20 Remote Control car was my wife’s idea for a birthday gift to our son after he fell in love with the remote control Lamborghini Reventon I gave him for the Holidays the year prior. She wanted to one-up me by getting him a larger model in bright red with lights, and it worked! The only problem was that she grew so attached to the remote control car that it was a year before she allowed anyone to take it out of the box!

She’s always the expert behind shopping for educational toys for our children as I quietly steal the spotlight and always get the kids something fun and exciting. Ultimately, the kids play with her toys for longer periods of time and benefit from their educational value, but I always get the excitement factor upon reception, and so I couldn’t blame her for wanting some of that valuable attention.

As usual, she starts researching for gifts months prior to the event to find the perfect gift. Once she locks into an idea that inspires her, the next step is to get the best one of its kind. To my surprise, she was not only looking for an excellent Ferrari Enzo model, but she was looking for an economical as well; a shift from her normally expensive tastes.

Not long after she decided on the gift, she locked onto the Ferrari Enzo MJX 1:20 Remote Control car in bright California Red. As she was shopping, I couldn’t help to admire how truly an exotic sports car it was, and I was amazed at the prices she was finding.

Ferrari Enzo MJX Remote Control Car 1:2

The Ferrari MJX Enzo is a 1:20 Scale Remote Control Car with rubber wheels, working headlights, 27 mhz frequency and includes the radio control transmitter, a nine volt battery for the control, and a rechargeable battery pack for the car along with the charger. Slightly bigger than the Lamborghini Reventon, it is approximately 7.5 inches in length, 2.75 inches high and 3.75 inches wide.

On a recent testing with our eldest thirteen year old girl, we managed to get some nice twisting moves along the driveway. Although literature states that it’s range is 45 meters, we experienced a few limitations beyond 20 meters; possibly due to a lack of well charged batteries, but most likely because we reached its effective range.

In terms of performance, it maneuvered extremely well and probably better than the Lamborghini on the driveway, zipping around with a good, near ten mile per hour speeds with very sharp and winding turns. The sound can be heard from forty to sixty feet away, and it flew past minor bumps and pebbles on the ground without much trouble.

Indoors, performance was severely challenged by our slick finished wood floors. I may have to take a closer look, but the Ferrari Enzo kept spinning in circles and was difficult to control. Some moves were possible with slow and careful control, but it was mostly frustrating.

Remote Control Ferrari Enzo

On the other hand, it flew rather fast and maneuvered sharply on a short haired area rug as it spun around my son in circles over and over. He even had better control on the rug than he did on the wooden floor, but our little girl couldn’t get control of it as she tried her hand at it on the kitchen floor - another slick surface.

Overall, it performs best on short haired carpeting and on pavement. It has nice range, fast sharp turning capabilities and is an exotic looking vehicle. One of its best features is its rechargeable battery pack. On the Lamborghini, it ate so many batteries that we bought rechargeable AA’s just for the car. This Ferrari Enzo RC car solves that problem by coming with one of its own rechargeable pack.

On his birthday, he did enjoy receiving it as a gift, but was floored when my wife got him a Kawasaki Monster Traction ride on ATV! It was her secret weapon and the reason why her RC Ferrari Enzo was an economical choice! She took the opportunity to put it away and reintroduce it to him during the Holidays, and again for his birthday this year. However, this year we managed to take it and actually use it, but not without breaking one of its rear view mirrors!

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Ferrari Enzo RC MJX
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