So Smart! Babys First Words Stories

Babys First Words

Babys First Words Stories is a series of animated vocabulary videos from the So Smart! brand, directed by Scott Tornek at the Echo Bridge Home Entertainment studio. Videos can be purchased individually or in box sets of 3, with each video running about 30 minutes.

These videos are intended for children ages 1 and older and introduce them to simple words gently surrounded by soft music and bright yet delicate animated graphics.

Both our little ones enjoy these DVDs, but they are especially adored by our little girl who started watching them at 15 months old. These are her absolute favorite videos! It is such a pleasure to see her eyes and smile light up the moment the So Smart! logo comes on the television. She giggles a little bit then starts doing her little dance before sitting down and watching the show.

Babys First Word Stories are acted by four animated characters: Edward the dog, Iggy the pig, Dee Dee the chick and Larry the lion. Each DVD showcases 5 vocabulary adventures encompassing the DVD topics which include Nightime, We Go, Outside, House, Pets, Get Dresses to name a few.

As I’m writing the review I noticed that each DVD comes with 10 to 12 printable activities that are printable through your PC or Mac! I can’t wait to print them and give it to our kids for some extra fun.

Slower than television style shows like Barney and a bit more advanced than the Baby Einstein series, Babys First Word Stories is a softly paced adventure that introduces children to language one word at a time, then develops sentences around the word. Our girl responds so well to them. When we put the Nighttime DVD on, Edward catches a firefly and she continuously points to the television and says, “fy fly.” That particular scene comes to mind because I really enjoy the music in these videos, but the moment Edward catches the firefly, a beautiful folksy melody comes on that is just a nicely executed piece of music.

By now she’s captured all of the words in the series and continues to enjoy them. The music soothes her and she just loves the characters and the words. She dances, smiles, giggles and wiggles, and repeats each word as they come on, “fy fly” “ladybug” “bee” “clock” “owl” “book” “car” and on and on. She’s just the cutes thing to watch. For our 2.5 year old boy, he’s well beyond the audience of this series, but he’ll repeat the words as well. More importantly, he’ll sit down and watch them, responding to the calming effect of the music and pace which is a nice way of soothing our otherwise wild young man!

Babys First Words

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