Family BINGO Party

Family Bingo Party

Ultimate Bingo Cage Set

A family BINGO party is a great idea for gathering the kids together and enjoying some fun and wholesome rounds of family BINGO!

Many years ago while working at the art & writing awards division of Scholastic, we had a White Elephant holiday party where we exchanged gifts lying around the house that we didn’t want. We wrapped them up real nice and chose random packages when it was our turn.

I remember seeing this large cubed box that was wrapped up real nice and decided on that gift. As it turned out, it was a BINGO game set with a one foot metal rotary cage, multi colored vinyl chips, all the numbered plastic balls and a ball tray. The only thing that was missing was the set of BINGO cards!

At home, we completed the family BINGO set with some Dora the Explorer and Diego BINGO cards from our eldest girl’s collection and started playing family BINGO that night!

That White Elephant exchange was well over five years ago and we’ve had so many family BINGO party nights since then.

More recently on a gloomy Christmas eve, my wife and I were feeling down about our current financial and work situation while driving home from work. We knew we needed to pick ourselves up and make it a special Christmas eve for the kids. After picking up some junky fast food, we arrived home expressing loud excitement that had an infectious affect on our children - and it was working for us too, we were in a great mood!

After eating our dinner our eldest girl brought down her family BINGO set and we started playing. It was our 11 year old girl, our three year old son and our 21 month old daughter (sitting on her high chair with snacks), my, grandma and myself. As the family BINGO party started, our son really got into it and his smile and laughter was amazing!

It was his first time playing BINGO as well his first time seeing this large metallic rotary cage. As he spun the cage and watched the ball come out of its dispenser, he laughed and smiled as he read the numbers when they came down, “G 33.”

After our family BINGO party we sat down by the Christmas tree in the family room with the computer on, watching Santa Claus fly through the world as he delivered his gifts through the night. In a happy mood, we opened gifts that were mailed in from some relatives and enjoyed the rest of the evening in the warmth and comfort of each other’s company.

At the White Elephant holiday party several years ago, I may have exchanged some outdated health and fitness software that I now feel guilty over, and can certainly admit to having the better gift that day. The next time I participate in another White Elephant party, I’ll have to come up with something special to even out my Karmic fate.

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Family BINGO Party

Family Bingo

Family Bingo

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